Friday, September 26, 2014

Garden Tours....

Hi All
Wednesday saw me finally getting to look at some of
the beautiful gardens here in Toowoomba.
My Mum, Chloe, Harry and I had a big day smelling the flowers, really Harry had to smell every thing leaves and all Hahhaa.

I really enjoyed the native gardens this year,
 you can see by the photos below all the colour there is in them.

There was lots of pinks and whites, mauve's all the colours.
Mum and I got a few native plants as well. I have a couple of natives but I am really
 going to put a lot more in.

My favorite garden was Leisa's from
 It was more my kind of garden with lots to see, a lovely cottage garden that wasn't just filled with with instant colour. There were even chooks down the back that
I had to drag Harry away from. A vege garden and sweet little nooks.

Sorry about these photos don't know what happened here.
Leisa's back area was so pretty with lots of colour.

Looking at all the loveliness I am going to 
spruce up my out doors areas.
Yesterday was spent cleaning up the outdoor areas and potting up plants.
When I've got it all looking nice I'll show you.

Today there lots of mowing to do as well so I'm going to be a busy girl.
Enjoy your week end.


  1. Lots of spring colour there Mandy. Looks like you are having gorgeous weather :)


    1. It is great weather here for our spring carnival thankfully,it is a bit warm in the garden that I'm thinking of going for a swim first of the season...