Thursday, October 16, 2014

Boys room.....Keeping it Real.........

Rooms are changing around here again....
This time it is the boys room.

Now I would love to show you some 
wonderful glamor shots of  these rooms, but that just isn't
going to happen.
So here is real boys rooms.

This room is Robbie's room, 

Robbie has the larger of the two rooms with a spare bed in it for 
when guests come. Both rooms have great storage with built ins, and a built in desk in this room.

This is Williams room

This room needs a bit of work  as it just has all
the spare furniture in it.

William wants a animal theme with deer heads all over the place if I let him.

William is 11 and still loves to play with toys, so he now has the room to spread his Lego out
and play without Robbie tripping over it. I'm sure there will still be fights but at least now when I send them to their room they are separate and won't be able to fight. :)

Nothing flash or fancy just real boys rooms.
Not that I don't have plenty of ideas going around in my head as what
I would like to do, my pinterest is full of boys rooms.
But for now I'm going to settle for happy boys.

Thanks for coming by


  1. The rooms look pretty good to me, Mandy you have changed your template too. I need to change mine and am trying to pluck up enough courage as I have forgotten how I did the original one. LOL!

    1. I know I had to remember as well, I would like to make the header pic smaller but I can't work it out...

  2. They're not real boys room, as they are far too clean. Where are the smelly socks and the sporting equipment and the posters on the wall. What they are is beautiful. Love those massive cupboards. I love the header.

    1. Haha remember I had just moved them and cleaned as I went, the socks are there now though and all the rest of the weeks clothes.

  3. I bet the boys love their rooms, you have done a great job with them. It has been so long since I have commented but I am so pleased that you are back to blogging more often. Carol