Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hello From The Road............

Hi All
I have a reason for not blogging as I have had no service.

Bruce, Robbie, Cassie,William and myself have been on the road to met up
with some special people.
We headed out to Carnarvon National Park.

We went up and David, Karen and Mason came down.
What a great few days we had, eating, hiking, eating more hiking
some of us went swimming then more eating...hahaha it's camping lots of eating going on.

No camp  food here, David cooked the roast, then we had potato bake fresh beans
and carrots, corn.
But we did do more than eat.......

We went on some great hikes, it is so cool and beautiful in the gorge.

Some people (Cassie) needed a little bit more of a hand than others.
To get into the high places, well worth the the pulling and pushing to get up there
(I'm talking about myself now :)

Even Mason enjoyed his rock climbing and tree walking. He was such a good little man running and walking most of the way and went where we went.

We found the swimming hole and the boys went swimming, it was so cold I wasn't going in. 

After all that swimming and walking Mason crashed up on his Dads shoulders,
and yes he slept like that while we walked back.

So that's what we have been up to over the last week of Spring holidays.

I hope you have enjoyed your break those of you with school age children..

Blessings to All


  1. Lovely pics, Mandy! Its great to get away without phone reception sometimes. We enjoyed the 'quiet' for a few days while away too. I reckon our Ruby would enjoy a trip to Carnarvon NP!

    1. I think Ruby would enjoy the trip.. I love the quiet of the bush.

  2. First time i was encouraged (pushed) to enter a mountain pond it took my breath away. I had not expected it to be so so cold. It was enjoyable once i acclimatized (or is that became numb). It looks beautiful.

    1. Lynda I was glad I had to look after my grandson and didn't have to go into the pools the kids went through to get out to the end, poor Cassie was blue when she got back.

  3. What a wonderful experience for everyone, so doable when you all travel a bit and meet in the middle, not too much for any one group....fantastic idea. Such great memories for everyone of good times with family.