Monday, October 20, 2014

Laundry Day.

Happy Monday everyone.

My morning started by having to make Laundry Liquid before
I could start the washing, so I thought I would share the recipe with you.

10 Litres water
1 cup lux soap flakes
1/2 cup WASHING soda
1/2 cup bi-carb.

Heat 2 litres of water on stove with soap flakes, until dissolved, then add washing soda
mix  until mixture thickens then add bicarb.

I then pour the  hot soap  liquid into my plastic tub and SLOWLY add
water to make up to 10 litres. I use my stick blender to continually mix while adding water
other wise the mixture can go lumpy. I also like to add a fragrant oil at this time. Today I used peppermint.

One liquid is thoroughly mixed I pour it into my empty vinegar bottles. How easy is that, 5 mins that all it takes to make 10 litres of laundry liquid, quicker than running down to shops.
Tip- Leave a gape in each bottle so you can shake the mixture as it sometimes gets thick.

My laundry is a small room but it works for me, one side is the washing machine,
and the other is a bench that I fold the clothes on into piles for everyone. Above
the bench is my vases as I also bring my cut flowers from the garden here. The basket on the 
washing machine has my gardening gloves  in it.

I love my clothes line, I went from a hills hoist to this about 6 years ago now,
a great old guy built the deck and line for me. What I love most is it doesn't swing around in the wind.
Do you line dry your clothes? I love the smell of sunshine on my clothes.
I know a lot of countries only use a clothes dryer and have no line.

My laundry isn't big enough to iron in so i do that here in the 
family room next to the laundry.

So the washing is done and not yet dry so I'm off to do some gardening.

We have a student free day in in QLD today so I am going to put 
my boys to work helping me in the garden,
 They don't know that yet and I still have to get Robbie out of bed but that's the plan. :)
Have a great Monday what ever you are doing today.


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  1. I only realised that it was a student free day when my son in law sent a text message to say that my granddaughter who always has to be dragged out of bed for Prep was up bright and early today. Also the school just near here was very quiet this morning. So much for retirement. It is hard to remember what day of the week it is. LOL!