Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Blues....

I have a case of the Monday Blues..
All started good this morning, I 
got  up for a walk in the cool of the morning, then some watering to try and keep the plants alive.

Then down to feed and water all my chooks....That's when I realized there was something wrong,
There wasn't any chooks just poor Rocky the rooster, surrounded by feathers.
All of my hens are gone my sweet girls taken by a fox.

So my week has not started well, on top of that there  is
a very hot wind blowing just sapping the energy and life out of the vege garden.
These photos were all taken in the cool of the evening yesterday but already things are looking wilted.

I am saving seeds at the moment but this garden is nearly ready to come out.
If this heat keeps up I'm not sure if it's worth planting anything else.

Some days I wonder if it worth all the heartache that comes with having animals 
and trying to grow your own food.



  1. Mandy, surely it will cool down, i certainly hope so as I can't cope with this heat. I think wicking beds are the way to go and we noticed the other day how well our plants near the Ollas were doing in the heat of the day. Can you enclose your chooks to protect them from the wildlife? So sad to lose them :-(

  2. Mandy, how devastating and yes, i can imagine that you feel very put out by it all. Im trying to build in protection from the elements now, knowing that this summer will be a doozy. Im certainly putting some of Nanna Chel's Ollas in but also framework for shade. Bugger the fox. Really! I guess one can only improve the fencing and maybe put an electric fence around the girls when they are all in for the night. Is there a companion animals for chooks that take on foxes?

  3. That is heart breaking about your chookies! Bloody fox! Keep going, your garden is beautiful, I think you'd miss it if you didn't perservere!