Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ABusy Week end

Hello All
yes I am still here.....It is a busy time coming up to the end of the year.
This week saw Emma, Bruce's youngest graduate
year 12. 
This is Robbie's last week and then Will finishes primary school the week after. 
Then Christmas Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy making lots of soy candle, soy melts, soap and lots of other goodies.
Boy my kitchen has been a production line but sure does smell good.

 Saturday saw me have my first market stall for many years.
Our local hall at Stockyard has started having weekly markets until Christmas.
I had a great morning and did well, sold lots of soap, candles and dishcloths.

Sunday saw us get our newest member of the family.

Her name is Zena and she has  stolen my heart. Zena thinks she is a dog
and sleeps at the back door through the day.
We also got our new chooks on Sunday, I will show you them later in the week.

Monday Mum and I went to the Bush Christmas display in Toowoomba.
I loved this window below and really want to make something similar to this.
I also loved the Christmas tree next to it.

Now I'm off to read what you all got up too on the 
week end.



  1. Mandy, I went to the Bush Christmas craft show last year and didn't realise it was already on this year until I saw it on Win TV last night. I plan to go tomorrow. Hopefully that window is still there as I would like to have a look at it. Love your new pet!

  2. Oh my, if you had a market stall you may need to top up your supply of pretty containers for the soy candles, I saw a few in the little op shop at Southtown this morning, worth a look when you are up next.