Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sewing Room.

Happy Saturday to you all.
Today here has had a change  of weather, in one night we have gone from
32 degrees to a wonderful cool 24..
Now the cooler weather has inspired me to finally get my new sewing/craft room
fit to use.

I still need to paint the inside but for now I am just happy to have a space to call my own.

As you can see the ceiling needs lining, I am thinking of just lining this with material
that I have. Nothing the staple gun couldn't handle..

Plenty of storage with this bookcase that was my Mum's and has been 
in the storage room for years, it now houses my material.

The other end is set up for crafting mainly scrap booking. This end is where
Cassie does her craft.
The horn sewing cabinet I got from the same garage sale as the donga. The rest of the furniture 
has been raided from the house and storage room..

I would like to put a arm chair in here as well so I am on the look out for
one. Until then I have the little veranda on Donna where I can have a coffee
break and admire the garden.

Now I am going to go and do some sewing, I will post when I have finished.

Have a great and safe week end.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen reveal part 2.....

Hello to you all on this HOT day.
I thought it was time to  reveal the rest of the Kitchen, it has been 
a long time coming I'm sorry, but here it is.

The bench went in on Christmas eve, so we did have it for Christmas.
It makes the most amazing serving station now when we have family get togethers.

The over head glass cabinets are for all my vintage English china, dinner plates, cups and saucers, bread and butter plates, bowls I think you get the drift.
We have used pressed metal again for between the over heads and bench which we painted, I wanted it all to look 
like a large kitchen dresser.

 Under the bench is the all drawers.
I know it looks a lot of drawers, but this is my only storage as in old houses there is never any storage.
The first 2 sets of drawers are all full of table clothes, tea towels and all the other kitchen linen.
The small drawers in the middle full of baking paraphernalia and the next 2 thin drawers at the top are for coffee cups and plates, the large bottom drawer and last 2 drawers are for baking dishes and serving dishes.

The rest you have probably seen in the first reveal but here it is again.
My main food preparation area.

The cooking area with the new pressed metal splash back.

The island bench.

The sink area which is the only area that didn't get moved.

To say I love my new re-purposed kitchen is an understatement.
I sit in here often on the chairs through the hot days knitting or cooking.
This kitchen is my dream kitchen, I am proud of the way Bruce and I redid it for so little cost.

To see the full costing break down click on Kitchen and see reveal No 1.
Add to that 
$3000 for the Kitchen bench and we have
a grand total of 
Not bad for a kitchen of this size.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sheep, Chickens and Bananas......

Helga, Brenda, Origin, and Starlight.
Helga and Brenda are the Mums and Origin (as in State Of Origin as he was born the night of the second game) and Starlight are heading for the freezer very soon.

The poor darlings have been a bit hot though as it has taken the shearer a while to get here.
They were spending a lot of time in the shade and insisted on having hay as it was to hot for them to go out side.

But now they are most happy and are spending all day outside. They don't even come to me now when I go down to feed them.

We also HAD a very handsome ram called Rambo.
But one night while we were on holidays there was some strange going ons in these parts.
Sharing the sheep pen were my beautiful rare bread chickens and 2 roosters 22 in all.
They were very happy, until in one morning Cassie went down to feed the chooks and sheep and there were only 4...Yes 18 gone in one night AND Rambo was dead as well.
What happened???????
I hear you ask, we don't know, there was no injury at all to Rambo and no signs of feathers or disturbance at all. We think foxes took the chickens and may be poor Rambo died of fright.

Once we were home we kept a good eye on the remaining four. But not good enough. 
William feed them one morning and by that afternoon 2 more were gone and poor Rocky the rooster was hanging upside down in the bird netting, this is probably what saved him though.

Rocky was taken back to the old chook pen to be with our last Mumma hen and her two babies.
As you can see he is very happy to be back.

Mumma has trouble keeping these 2 in toe as they like to go under the netting 
to visit Dad.

They have free range around the banana trees and are very happy.
any one got any chooks for sale?????
I hve to get some more as it is strange having to buy eggs.

My Bananas are loving it here as well as the chooks.
The ones above were planted in September.

The rest were planted last week.
I have from the back to the front 2 of each.
Pisang Ceylan
Dwarf Ducasse
Blue Java

They have all been sent from up North and here in QLD we had to get
a licence from the DPI to be able to plant them.

As you can see they have a bit of catching up to do.
I am looking forward to when we have bananas all year round.
That is why I have planted 5 different types at different times.

I hope I haven't bored you 
to much with my ramblings, may be I should update my blog more
then I wouldn't ramble so much...