Friday, September 26, 2014

Garden Tours....

Hi All
Wednesday saw me finally getting to look at some of
the beautiful gardens here in Toowoomba.
My Mum, Chloe, Harry and I had a big day smelling the flowers, really Harry had to smell every thing leaves and all Hahhaa.

I really enjoyed the native gardens this year,
 you can see by the photos below all the colour there is in them.

There was lots of pinks and whites, mauve's all the colours.
Mum and I got a few native plants as well. I have a couple of natives but I am really
 going to put a lot more in.

My favorite garden was Leisa's from
 It was more my kind of garden with lots to see, a lovely cottage garden that wasn't just filled with with instant colour. There were even chooks down the back that
I had to drag Harry away from. A vege garden and sweet little nooks.

Sorry about these photos don't know what happened here.
Leisa's back area was so pretty with lots of colour.

Looking at all the loveliness I am going to 
spruce up my out doors areas.
Yesterday was spent cleaning up the outdoor areas and potting up plants.
When I've got it all looking nice I'll show you.

Today there lots of mowing to do as well so I'm going to be a busy girl.
Enjoy your week end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

School Hoildays......

Hello All
Found a few of these cheeky selfies by the nearly 3 year old grace
and had to share this one with you.

I am home from my visit with the girls, William and I had 
a lovely time out there. Below is skater girl Grace.

Abby is  a little doll she will repeat everything you say to her as she is 
really starting to talk. 

We are on school holidays here for the next two weeks so it is a good time for visits.
Next week we are meeting up with David and his little family and going camping.

For the rest of this week though, I am going to enjoy all the display gardens in our wonderful city of Toowoomba.
Lots of garden posts will be coming up, hahaha

Enjoy your week 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hi all
What has been happening in your part of the world?

On the week end I had my best friends daughters wedding, it was on there farm 
over looking the dam. A perfect spot for a wedding, and the day was perfect also.

We have been keeping quiet around here mostly doing odd jobs.
Lots of plants getting planted out and pruning getting done.
Bruce, Robbie and William have been busy getting the last of the fencing done.
It is good to get all of the jobs done before summer and the heat set in.

I am heading out to Jessica for a few days to spend with her and the girls
which will be good....

Enjoy your day


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Garden Walk.

Come for walk through the back garden with me.
As you can it has greened up with the little bit of rain we had,but if these westerlies keep up it will soon be all dried up again.

Down through the rain forest we go past the wagon 

and pond

down towards the chook pen

This is where I have pruned back a lot of shrubs here, they
will all fill out in the next few months. I have saliva's, grasses and coffee 
planted down here at the very back garden.

I have cleaned up the dry creek bed from all the weeds, you
couldn't even see the rocks it was so over grown.

 The mulberry tree is full of fruit and starting to get leaves, soon 
this will be a lovely shady tunnel. I'm thinking I might put a hammock down here to
hide in Summer.

There is plenty of monstera deliciosa  for the picking and eating.
If you have never tried this fruit I suggest you do, I have never been a lover of it but this year I tried it
again and find that I really like the fruit salad taste it has.

And here we are back to the house.

Below is a close up of our wisteria covered arch, this plant is only 2 years old 
and looks like we will be getting flowers this year.....

I hope you enjoyed the walk with me, soon there will be flowers and
the colours of Spring.

Enjoy your week