Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We love to go for a week end drive, last week end we drove up to see a special little boy who turned 2 on the 18th..
It was a long drive up to Charters Towers 2am Friday morning we left and got there at 4:30pm.

But seeing this little face as he opened his presents was all worth it.

Lots of presents from his Aunties back home as well.
The balls for the trampoline were a real hit with Mason and Uncle Will.

I think Mason was geting sick of all the kisses but I had 4months worth to give him.

There was lots of swimming , this boy is a water baby and has no fear at all.

I think the cheaky photo of mason on the climbing Gym is my new favorite, look at that face.

Fun in the park was had by the big boys as well, I learnt something this week end...
EVERYTHING is a competition between brothers.....

All too soon it was time to leave this little family and go back home.

Being a long distance Grandma is hard, but every time we drive up the trip gets shorter and easier..So may be in a few more months we will go for another weekend drive.

Blessings to All

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  1. It is hard being a long distance grandma I must agree, Mandy. I only see my grandchildren twice or at the most three times a year. That is a long way to drive and I wondered if you would go because of the cyclone but obviously you were okay. I asked Helen at the workshop on Saturday if you had gone and she said you had. By the way the workshop was just great.