Monday, February 9, 2015


Happy Monday...
Is Monday a happy day for you or do you get the Monday blues.

Me I have always like Mondays.
The craziness of the weekend is over and I can get in and give this Ole house a good clean..

Boy was this week end busy.
Friday night was the Community barby and Twilight Markets.
Saturday was more Markets in the morning, shop open till 4pm and looking after 2 year old grand son as well.

Saturday afternoon Bruce and the guys were busy doing killing......hmmmm that looks wrong what I mean is butchering...much better.
We had 2 sheep One pig and a cow done, and the other boys got there's done as well. Big day for them all.
Then the evening was spent with good friends, cheese and wine....

Harry had fun with all the kids playing. I don't think he has ever had so many around at once.

Sunday morning saw us NOT at church as Harry slept untill 8:30, we must have worn him out.

Lots of early morning cuddles was had by all....

Sunday was spent cleaning out sheds, 3 in all...
What a horrible dirty job, but it is all done and every thing is spick and span
Most impotantly every thing is where it belongs.

This morning saw us up early as William was off to school camp. Thank goodness he is better, he was one sick little boy all last week.

Thats why I enjoy Mondays.
The house is cleaned and shinny, all beds are made and it is so quiet....

Untill they all come home that is....

Enjoy your week


  1. Yeah, I don't mind Mondays - I guess it just makes you one day closer to Friday again! I love an empty, quiet house so that cleaning and tidying can happen.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. All looking spick and span, Mandy. What busy weekends you have. Hope the shop is doing okay.