Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bedroom Reveal.

The bedroom is done....
I must admit I didn't get to it untill Sunday after church, but now its finnished.

I love it and thankfully Bruce dosen't care what the bedroom looks like as long as he knows where every thing is hahaha men, so easy to please.

I got myself the pineapple lamp from K Mart $20 such a bargin.I covered it in Flamingo wrapping paper my first attempt at decoupaging, and I love it, have thought about painting the base but not sure yet.
I left my chenille bedspread on as the pink goes with the room.

I made a pom-pom banner to hang over the mirrior, and painted a flamingo for the wall.
I have the brass and glass table as my bedside table and moved the desk to Bruce's side so he had plenty of room for his stuff (crap)

I have swaped my dressing table and hall stand around. I love using my hall stand for all my neck laces. I also have my ear-ring holder on the stand as well. More flamingos on the wall. These are fabric wall decals that I have fallen in love with.

My most favorite is my new cane day bed and wall of goodness.

Bruce's daughter Emma saw this Day bed fore sale and let me know about it...I got it for $150 love, love, love it.
It's looks so fab in the bedroom as well.

The wall above was looking a little bare so it was time to shop the house and get creative.

Above is a pineapple print I have had for a while and needed a home. Embroidery hoops with a doily and wallpaper in them. Mirror set of 3 from K Mart $12.

Painting by me, mirrors from set of 3 and brass magazine rack op shopped.

Old Frame that I painted gold, with another print inside, embroidery hoop with wrapping paper and another painting by myself.

I am so happy with how this room turned out....

Now what room next ???????

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  1. Mandy, Well done you! It looks really lovely. I saw the pineapple lamp on Kmart's website and loved it too. And the cane day bed - envy! Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Hi Barb, I love the pinapple lamp but it needed blinging up haha
      So in love with the day bed....
      Have a great week

  2. Love your flair and style, lady! :)

  3. Mandy,
    the changes look fab. I like that pink bedspread too.

    1. I havn't seen any other bright pink ones only a light pink...Its my fav for sure.

  4. Mandy, what a great room! I LOVE the pineapple print and the Flamingos on the lamp shade!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link party each week!
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for dropping buy...I'll pop on over now and have a look at your blog.
      Enjoy your day

  5. Wooooow, What a bargain, I saw that daybed for $300 and wondered what they would actually sell it for as that price was a bit steep, well done, hope you get lots of good use from it.I even laid down on it to try it for size, but it was just too dear.
    The new bedroon decor looks nice and warm and pretty for the cold weather to come.

  6. Just back from the coast, hope you got some of the lovely rain

  7. Wow - and congratulations!! What a difference! The room looks lovely, and so different! I only wish I had your imagination and flair for decorating. My place still looks like so plain and bare, and I despair the thought of even starting on it!

  8. Aww! What an adorable-looking bedroom! I'm surprised Bruce didn't mind all that pink. Hahaha! But I guess he has a point that whatever it looks won't matter, as long as he knows where his things are placed. At any rate, I definitely love the way you gave that bedroom a makeover. The prints hanging on the walls are so charming! Hope to see more projects like that soon, Mandy! All the best!

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders

  9. It seems that you really have a knack in bedrooms! Well, I love the pink motif. It looked so cool and relaxing. And those hang decors are so lovely and they are really a big plus to the beauty of your room. Are they your collections? It seems that you have a good taste, huh? Great choice!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express