Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sieanna May Sutton.....

Hello All.
Yes I'm back from a very long break...
The reason for this break is my beatuiful new Grand daughter
Sieanna May Sutton.
Sienna is 3 weeks old now.

Chloe ended up having to have a C section so hasn't been able to do much at all once she got home.

Harrison is the best big brother....
But if you look closely you will see Harry has his leg in plaster, yep two days before Sieanna is born he broke it in two places.
So with Chloe not being able to lift any thing Harry with his sore leg things have been busy..

Jessica and girls came down to visit the new baby and while they were here Abby turned 2....

I have been learning to crochet as well and made Sieanna a little hat.
Lots of practice to do yet though..

My days have been filled with grand children and cuddles...
I do miss my little Mason so much at these times, don't you wish you could make your kids live closer!!!!! Never mind I will have to save my pennies and fly up for a trip soon I think....

Had to share this kindy photo of Mason with you...
Have a great week


  1. Congratulations Nana Mandy! She is lovely.

  2. Congratulation to Chloe, Mandy. Sieanna does look like her. I hope she is feeling better after the C Section.

  3. Welcome to the world Sieanna, good to see the rest of her family on the mend.
    Those visits are never long enough, you just wish you could put them all in your luggage and bring them back home.

  4. Another gorgeous grandy! Congratulations! xx

  5. Lovely to hear, Hello to Sieanna.

  6. What a lovely little girl, and what a Blessing! Welcome to the world, Sieanna!