Saturday, May 30, 2015

Charles Graham

Introducing my newest grandson
Charles Graham....

Charlie was born last night at 6:13pm....
A week earlier than expected and the day before his Mum's birthday.....

Alanah has the best birthday present any Mum could wish for...

Happy Birthday Alanah and congratulations on perfect baby Charlie..

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Out to the Garden....

What amazing Autumn weather just perfect for gardening.
I have had some great help the last week, Thomas a German hepxer has been staying with us.
Thomas has been doing all the heavy work and cleaning up after I madly weed and prune every thing.

Lets have a look in the productive vege Garden. This is the entrance from the road above. The white bougainvillea is all out in flower and looks so pretty.

This is the gate from the back yard.
Lets go inside shall we.

My faithful old dog Molly is never far from me these days.

I only have the top four beds planted out.
There is
Bok choy

The glass house has been getting cleaned up and ready for winter, which is only 4 days away...

The green house has had a clean up as well. I have a tomato which grows continually in the green house with the best tomatoes on the vine. This year I am planting all the self set tomatoes in the glass house so we have plenty through winter. Thats them all coming up in the bed next to the glass house.....I am also going to grow lettuce in there.

Now back out to the garden, I will show more of the garden later in the week.



Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello to a new week....and a beautiful day.
I do love Autumn weather, the cooler evenings see us coming inside earlier
which means I get much more crocheting done.

Above is a photo of my first crocheted scarf that I made. I started it over Easter while camping, it still has the smell of camp fire in it....
It was a good beginners pattern.

I am nearly finished my next project which is a lamp shade cover, I know it doesn't look like it yet. No pattern for this I am just making it up as I go along....Just got the edging to finish and then I will show you.

I am using Trap Art yarn for this mat. I discovered this while in Ipswich and haven't been able to get any more as no one sells it around us.
So I am now a supplier, my first order should arrive this week....I can't wait to get this finished, I think it will be for the lounge room.

The sewing machine has been brought into the house, as I have no sewing room again....We have Cassie's boyfriend living in Donna the Donga until he goes up north....Over the week end I just had to sew so in every thing came.....I made Kayleigh, Bruce's daughter some pillow cases she wanted.

Do you like my darling tray table, I picked it up last week end for $8, it matches my chair perfectly I think....

Yep I sure do enjoy the earlier evenings see how productive I've been? Mind you the house is a mess and I have 2 baskets of ironing I could be catching up on....Nah tomorrow I think I will go out into the garden....



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Catch up time......

Hello All.
I can't beleive it's been so long since I blogged.

We had Alanahs baby shower a couple of weeks ago. Alanah is due on the 2nd June so any day now,she might even get the baby on her birthday which is the 29th May.
I hope it's a boy as every thing sure is blue!

By the end of the year I will have 7 grand children as Jessica is expecting her third baby in September...
I am looking forward to Christmas this year, with all the babys.

Sienna is getting chubby as all babys should be, she is such a good little girl and her big brother thinks she is pretty good as well!

I have been making time to get to the op shops and have been getting some lovely things.
I love the pink juicer I picked up and it has pride of place in the kitchen.
The lamp shade is just what I needed for my $1 lamp I got at the markets the other week. I am crocheting a cover for it, it's coming along slowly.

I am going to make a cuppa and catch up with evey one...
Blessings to all