Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Out to the Garden....

What amazing Autumn weather just perfect for gardening.
I have had some great help the last week, Thomas a German hepxer has been staying with us.
Thomas has been doing all the heavy work and cleaning up after I madly weed and prune every thing.

Lets have a look in the productive vege Garden. This is the entrance from the road above. The white bougainvillea is all out in flower and looks so pretty.

This is the gate from the back yard.
Lets go inside shall we.

My faithful old dog Molly is never far from me these days.

I only have the top four beds planted out.
There is
Bok choy

The glass house has been getting cleaned up and ready for winter, which is only 4 days away...

The green house has had a clean up as well. I have a tomato which grows continually in the green house with the best tomatoes on the vine. This year I am planting all the self set tomatoes in the glass house so we have plenty through winter. Thats them all coming up in the bed next to the glass house.....I am also going to grow lettuce in there.

Now back out to the garden, I will show more of the garden later in the week.



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  1. Hmmm, I should have a greenhouse or a glasshouse. I would love to keep our tomatoes growing through winter although we are only without them for a couple of months when I have to buy the rock hard ones from the shops. I might experiment with some this year and see what I can do to protect them from the frost.