Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Out side.....

I am loving this beautiful winter sunshine we are getting.

I am getting so many odd jobs done..
Today I worked outside and got the veranda and courtyard cleaned.
If you look closely you can see I have had to board up the side steps.
I couldn't stand the dogs up here any longer, arghhh puppies and dog hair, honestly my veranda was starting to smell like a dog kennel.

The veranda really needs a good staining on the floor boards before spring as they are getting very faded.

Next it was out to the courtyard and a good clean up out here.
We still use out here through the day on week ends and every thing needed a good clean.

This area is the go between from the back door to the car shed so it tends to be the dumping ground for shoes.

Now all I need to do is get out and cobweb the house on the out side. That is a bigger job though and I'm putting it off.
It is school holidays here for the next 3 weeks so things are a bit more relaxed..
Will and I are having late mornings in bed and lots of chilling time together.

Have a great week all


Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Room Update.

Today Alanah and Charles have gone home, so I have been busy cleaning.

Once the house was clean, I thought the Family room needed a update.

On the chest you can see the Lizards cage, this is her winter spot as it gets the after noon sun here. Lilly the Lizard normally lives in Williams bedroom. The other chair I put in the bare spot near her cage.

This is our favorite room in winter and gets lots of use.

I felt the corner between the two chairs needed something so I made this coffee table out of a old clock and a pot plant holder....
Perfect for this spot....

Now I have to do something with the other side.

I would love to get rid of all the bits of furniture and do one long built in along this wall.

I found this photo on Pinterest, it is similar to what I would like on this wall.I could put the TV on it and have lots of storage under neath. I was thinking if I made it low enough I could use it as seating as well.

Have a great week all...



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Welcome every one.
I have been a bit quiet around here as Both Alanah and Charlie have been staying. They go home next week as Alanah and Cam's house will be finished by then and they can move into their new home at Dalby.
Meanwhile I am getting in as much cuddling as I can.

He is the best baby, he will just lie there and watch you with his big almost black eyes.

Remember a couple of posts ago I showed you the crochet lamp shade cover?
Well it"s all finished,what do you think?

The photo above is of the lamp before, the lamp was only $1 and the shade was much more $3 haha.
I have it up at The Old Dairy as it looks good with the retro wall paper. I need to make one for the house now.

Yesterday we went to town and Alanah was able to get a few things she needed...We were getting a bit stir crazy
as it has been raining for the last week....

I do love foggy, wet winter days though...Lots of soup making and crocheting has been happening...

I hope you are enjoying your week...