Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Room Update.

Today Alanah and Charles have gone home, so I have been busy cleaning.

Once the house was clean, I thought the Family room needed a update.

On the chest you can see the Lizards cage, this is her winter spot as it gets the after noon sun here. Lilly the Lizard normally lives in Williams bedroom. The other chair I put in the bare spot near her cage.

This is our favorite room in winter and gets lots of use.

I felt the corner between the two chairs needed something so I made this coffee table out of a old clock and a pot plant holder....
Perfect for this spot....

Now I have to do something with the other side.

I would love to get rid of all the bits of furniture and do one long built in along this wall.

I found this photo on Pinterest, it is similar to what I would like on this wall.I could put the TV on it and have lots of storage under neath. I was thinking if I made it low enough I could use it as seating as well.

Have a great week all...




  1. Hi Mandy, the room looks lovely. You are very creative with this stuff, I get paralysed with indecion.

  2. Looks great to me Mandy. I do like the idea of the built in cupboard though, I think that would be very useful.. I could do with you around here for awhile rearranging my house, I have no decorating talent lol!