Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Sunny Day....

The coolness of winter is slowly passing, and Spring is in the air.

See the sun coming in and it is only 7:15, through Winter it is well past 8 before the sun comes inside.
This morning is glorious after the rain last night..
Lets put our boots on and go for a walk...

Every thing looks so fresh, we are in real need of rain as the dams are empty and the tanks are low.
Having the rain and warmth has put me in good mood...lol

The girls are waiting at the gate to be feed and they too are scratching around after the rain.

We rescued some chooks from being killed on the week end...These chickens only crime- There eggs are too big and Woolies doesn't want them....
Sad but true, so they are enjoying scratching about and learning to be birds...

They are slightly looked down upon by the Heritage chooks but I am sure they will all start to get on soon....

The pond is nice and full and doing its job of catching the water.

The Jasmine is all out in full bloom so it is even staring to smell like Spring...

Enjoy your week and I hope for those of you that have had a colder winter are starting to get a little Spring in the air..

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies last blog and not forgetting me.....




  1. Mandy, it is certainly warming up...even here on the hill. The rain last night was nice too. I might see you at the Vintage Markets on Sunday as I read that you were having a stall. I probably won't get there till late and everything will be sold out I guess. LOL!

    1. Isn't the weather just devine, love it...Yes I will be at the markets....See you there.

  2. Spring is starting to make an appearance but it sure is taking its time! A few blossoms starting to pop, pollen from pine trees are on our cars and outdoor settings are all signs spring is around the corner. Its been cold and bleak here for weeks so to see the sun peek out is wonderful!

    1. Yes I'm over winter this year and I have never felt like that before...Come on Spring...