Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Remember Me.....

If anyone even still reads my blog HELLO and thank you...
Things have been very quiet here on my little blog lately, I do find in winter there is just not enough hours in the day to fit all in all I need to do.

My blog isn't the only thing I haven't spent any time on...
My garden is suffering as well, it is so dry and over grown.

Why? I hear you ask.
I don't know! time just seems to slip away.

Maybe I'm just getting old but I have really felt the cold this year and trying to keep warm I have stayed inside a lot....
I have been crocheting lots though and my new found love is weaving.Loving weaving so much such a slow calming craft.

I am really enjoying weaving and am now on the look out for a bigger loom, so I can do some bigger pieces...

I have also got myself a spinning wheel, this is one of those crafts I have wanted to do for years.

I am looking forward to Spring when we get the sheep sheared and I will be able to spin our own wool.
I have yet to learn though.
My Mum is going to teach me as she is a spinner but the parents are away until September, so until then I will continue to weave.

Today though I am heading out to the sunshine and getting some long over due gardening done....

Enjoy your day...


  1. Hello Mandy,

    Have fun learning the spinning wheel. It will soon be Spring and you can get back into the garden.

    Happy days.

  2. You would never be forgotten Mandy. That spinning wheel looks great - they are so expensive new - will be looking out for a 2nd hand one in the coming years. The garden is warming up beautifully now so enjoy it.

  3. Nope, not forgotten and you are not old just experiencing a colder than normal winter like the rest of us. I think we are all hibernating to some degree and i've notice blog post slowing down, including mine. Great to catch up and look forward to many spinning and weaving projects.

  4. Mandy, our garden is overgrown too. I have a friend who just bought a spinning wheel from an Op Shop. I did a bit of spinning back in the seventies. I think there is a resurgence of interest in the craft...like with crochet, knitting etc.,

  5. Hi Mandy, I think most of us have felt the cold this year, I have made good use of my knitted socks this winter. ...so toasty warm.
    I am not surprised that you have been busy the past few months, having a new grandbaby is quite time consuming.
    We are due for frosts the next few mornings so the days should be nice and sunny to be in the garden.