Thursday, September 17, 2015

A New (old) Shed.....

Yippie its raining!!!!
We so need the rain here like most parts of Australia...

We are very blessed as we seem to always have some green grass from the grey water, but when it rains it is so much greener.

We have been getting some cementing done....A lot of cementing. The car shed was always dirt and very dusty and grubby.

It took 3 truck loads of cement and two week ends of work but it is now all done.

To say I am a little excited is a under statement as I have waited 25 years to have this done.

We used to have a paved courtyard at the back door which I loved...The pavers got pulled up and it is now cemented from the back door down to the drive way.

As you can see above the wall has been pulled down between the courtyard and shed. This has opened the whole area up and let so much more light in.

This will now be our main entertaining area, which with my sized family I sure do need.....

Yep family dinners we have outgrown the kitchen......

Enjoy your week and may you be getting this much needed rain.


  1. Congratulations on the concrete shed floor. What a difference that will make. I can see your tribe really enjoying the bigger entertaining space.

  2. Now that's a crowd and im sure it will only get bigger!

  3. It's a beautiful back yard and a wonderful place for outdoor parties with your friends and families.

    Helen @TeFl ClAsses