Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We love to go for a week end drive, last week end we drove up to see a special little boy who turned 2 on the 18th..
It was a long drive up to Charters Towers 2am Friday morning we left and got there at 4:30pm.

But seeing this little face as he opened his presents was all worth it.

Lots of presents from his Aunties back home as well.
The balls for the trampoline were a real hit with Mason and Uncle Will.

I think Mason was geting sick of all the kisses but I had 4months worth to give him.

There was lots of swimming , this boy is a water baby and has no fear at all.

I think the cheaky photo of mason on the climbing Gym is my new favorite, look at that face.

Fun in the park was had by the big boys as well, I learnt something this week end...
EVERYTHING is a competition between brothers.....

All too soon it was time to leave this little family and go back home.

Being a long distance Grandma is hard, but every time we drive up the trip gets shorter and easier..So may be in a few more months we will go for another weekend drive.

Blessings to All

Friday, February 13, 2015

This week I have been cleaning bedrooms, I thought I had better get in and clean Williams room for him while he was on camp and after Harry trashed the room....2 year olds...

Then I went on to my room.

I don't know how so much dust gets in, the fly screens were cacked in dust, as were the fans.
I spent the day sneezing as well as dusting.
Cleaned Robbies room as well didn't get a pic of it though. I'm ready for a change in my bedroom! Not sure which way though, the walls are very bare so I think I will start with looking for some thing to hang in there.

The rest of the week was spent in front of the computer catching up on book work ( and eating cold pizza my fav)
But now the house is all dust free, the book work is up to date.
Today I can relax and make a new batch of soap I think. I made mens shaving soap last week I must share this latter on.
Looks Ok have to try it on my Dad and see what he thinks.

I might even get in and do some more crocheting.

Enjoy your week end


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Morning Sunshine.

This Morning the sun is shinning in and and making every thing sparkle.
I love the morning sunshine it has a softness and warm glow to it.

Today I am looking after Harry while Chloe has a docs apt, only 4 more weeks until her new baby is born. Every one is getting excited.

I will be spending time watching Harry and may be fit in a little bit of knitting, and if I'm lucky enough to get him asleep catch up on book work.

What are your plans for today?


Monday, February 9, 2015


Happy Monday...
Is Monday a happy day for you or do you get the Monday blues.

Me I have always like Mondays.
The craziness of the weekend is over and I can get in and give this Ole house a good clean..

Boy was this week end busy.
Friday night was the Community barby and Twilight Markets.
Saturday was more Markets in the morning, shop open till 4pm and looking after 2 year old grand son as well.

Saturday afternoon Bruce and the guys were busy doing killing......hmmmm that looks wrong what I mean is butchering...much better.
We had 2 sheep One pig and a cow done, and the other boys got there's done as well. Big day for them all.
Then the evening was spent with good friends, cheese and wine....

Harry had fun with all the kids playing. I don't think he has ever had so many around at once.

Sunday morning saw us NOT at church as Harry slept untill 8:30, we must have worn him out.

Lots of early morning cuddles was had by all....

Sunday was spent cleaning out sheds, 3 in all...
What a horrible dirty job, but it is all done and every thing is spick and span
Most impotantly every thing is where it belongs.

This morning saw us up early as William was off to school camp. Thank goodness he is better, he was one sick little boy all last week.

Thats why I enjoy Mondays.
The house is cleaned and shinny, all beds are made and it is so quiet....

Untill they all come home that is....

Enjoy your week

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mid week....

It is Wednesday already, where is he week going.

When I get in and give the house a good clean I like to change things around a bit.

I thought I would do something a little differant with this wall. So I have a collection of my Roses here now.
Still have plates on the other walls as I do like plates on the walls. But I needed a change here.

Still in love with my sweet pink chair, this peice is a keeper for sure.

Say hello to our newest member of the family, her name is Scarlett. Robbie's 17th birthday present she is the sweetest little girl, loves to sleep here on this tray. I don't mind as long as she stays off my pink lounge.

Not getting a lot done today as i have a sick little boy at home as well as a new puppy to play with.

The back yard has been mowed and that is as far as I have got in the yard work...Weeds are still calling out to me.....

I have a new blog now that is Just about my litle Market Shop. It is in the side bar so feel free to hope over and have a look. It is called The Old Dairy Goes Vintage.

Hope you are enjoying your week.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Crazy Weekend....

Thank goodness Monday is here.
We have had one crazy weekend, so busy in fact I forgot to even take photos!!!!!!
Yesterday ended with us giving Harry a belated Birthday Party.

I love going on Holidays, but coming home there is always so much catching up to do.

I keep thinking I should still be on the beach some where sipping
G & Ts.....sighhhhhhh

Instead I am washing all cushion covers, cobwebing and dusting...These photos are just keeping it real..

As for the kitchen, closing my eyes as I walk through is working for now.
Lets go outside instead for a look around.

Yep my back garden is over grown, had plenty of rain over the last couple of weeks, and you should see the pool its a lovely swampy shade of green.
I really don't know where to start inside or out, so I made a cuppa and am blogging instead...
Works for me.

Happy Monday Every one.