Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lets talk Pantry's...

 no this is not my pantry, I wish...


What about this one.
Look at the abundance in this pantry or more like a larder.... WOW...
I wonder what there veggie garden must look like.

Unfortunately my  pantry isn't Pinterest worthy...
It is a hard working room.
Starting with the door which is a black board to write lists on...

Not having a  lot of storage in our house this is the main 
store room.

The top shelf that runs all around the room is used for those items that don't get a lot of use.
Egg cartons, Christmas dinner sets, flasks etc.

All my empty jars are kept in here as well.

There is a sink in here and we also keep a small freezer, dishwasher and fridge in our pantry.
This bench is where I make the lunches and prepare salads as it is close to the fridge.

My pantry is the most used and visited room in the house....
So it was nice to get in and clean the shelves and sort it out.

Not as clean as this one, I wonder if it really looks like this.

 And this one! I can't even see any food in it....

We do have a large pantry, I guess that comes with buying a very old farm house.
I do love my pantry and am thank full for it as many don't have a room like this to hide every thing away in.

Do you have a pantry? 
Is it a hard working room or a food cupboard in your kitchen...

Have a great week 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back To Normal............

What is Normal?
I ask myself this question many times around here.
Is it the normal to be have havoc all around, always busy with planning the next event.

For now today at least the house is clean, I have found my floors.
Found my kitchen bench and can walk a straight line with out dodging boxes of wedding stuff.

It will be normal I suppose to help my new child bride daughter pack her bedroom up and move
to her new life in Glenn Morgan.
Also Ben has lived here in Donna the Donga so that room will also be packed up.

2 spare rooms you are thinking lucky me, but alas no that is not the case.
My brother has moved here and is staying until he can find his own place. He will move into
Cassie's room.  Robbie wants to move out to Donna so that is that room gone....
What is normal?

I think this is normal
Change is a normal part of your children growing up marrying and leaving home...
 Like weather life has seasons and they are always changing.

 For now I am going to enjoy having just my 2 boys at home and
visiting my other 5 when I can. Our family is growing and will continue to grow..In fact my eldest David and his wife Karen are expecting a new baby in July...

What is your normal?


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cassie's Wedding.......

Well it's Valentines week end and Cassie and Ben celebrated that by getting married.

My amazing beautiful youngest daughter is all grown up 
and a wife.
This is my absolute favorite photo of her so I wanted to share it.

The four little ones did a great job walking down the isle with every one watching them,

I was going to walk Cassie down the isle but at the last minute I knew in my heart it was something her big brother David had to do....
So we both did it.
Please note the boots on the bride hahahah
She wanted a country wedding...

The bridesmaids looked so good in there dresses, the blue was perfect...
And the boys WOW loved it.

A blessing....

Even though they got tiered, the grandies were so good sitting and watching every thing going on around them.

A perfect day for a wedding....

It was such a good idea to have the hay up there for them to sit and rest on.

Here is a sneak peak at the photos that will be coming soon.
I can't wait to see the professional photos....

 I hope you enjoyed seeing Cassie and Ben's wedding, I don't have a lot of photos as I kept forgetting to take them....

Enjoy your week.....


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's Hot................

Man O man it is hot.
The evenings bring no relief at all.
Sitting out side with the sprinklers going in the Mulberry tree helps a little.

Then the mozzies drive us into the house. So I sit with a nice cold glass 
of wine and read..

I must admit I have used the air con more than I ever have.
It is in the kitchen so I am getting lots done in here...
As I am writing this it has finally rained!!!!!!!!!

I just hope it cools down and gives us some relief from this 35 + heat....
What is the weather like where you are????

Hot and bothered