Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back To Normal............

What is Normal?
I ask myself this question many times around here.
Is it the normal to be have havoc all around, always busy with planning the next event.

For now today at least the house is clean, I have found my floors.
Found my kitchen bench and can walk a straight line with out dodging boxes of wedding stuff.

It will be normal I suppose to help my new child bride daughter pack her bedroom up and move
to her new life in Glenn Morgan.
Also Ben has lived here in Donna the Donga so that room will also be packed up.

2 spare rooms you are thinking lucky me, but alas no that is not the case.
My brother has moved here and is staying until he can find his own place. He will move into
Cassie's room.  Robbie wants to move out to Donna so that is that room gone....
What is normal?

I think this is normal
Change is a normal part of your children growing up marrying and leaving home...
 Like weather life has seasons and they are always changing.

 For now I am going to enjoy having just my 2 boys at home and
visiting my other 5 when I can. Our family is growing and will continue to grow..In fact my eldest David and his wife Karen are expecting a new baby in July...

What is your normal?



  1. Mandy, lovely photos. I can't get over how your children have grown. Around here 'normal' is just a setting on the washing machine :-)

  2. Awww my 3 boys are still little but I know time flies and in no time they will be grown ups! So lovely for you to have a little Grandchild on the way, you'll get to spoilt them without the responsibilities of being their parent :-)

  3. WOW Mandy, there has been a lot happening at your place!

    Your life sounds pretty normal to me. My girls have all moved out to make their own lives. Just my son to go and I don't think that is too far away. As soon as he finishes his apprenticeship, I think he will spread his wings too. Then things will change for me (I might even get time to blog regularly).


  4. Life is ever changing isn't it Mandy. I think the older we get the more things change for us also. Cassie's wedding was beautiful. The colours amazing and the grandies adorable. You have such a beautiful family. I wouldn't get too settled if I was you though, something is bound to change again.