Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's Hot................

Man O man it is hot.
The evenings bring no relief at all.
Sitting out side with the sprinklers going in the Mulberry tree helps a little.

Then the mozzies drive us into the house. So I sit with a nice cold glass 
of wine and read..

I must admit I have used the air con more than I ever have.
It is in the kitchen so I am getting lots done in here...
As I am writing this it has finally rained!!!!!!!!!

I just hope it cools down and gives us some relief from this 35 + heat....
What is the weather like where you are????

Hot and bothered


  1. No aircon here Mandy. I think it was 32C in town today. The humidity has been terrible and it is as bad as the coast. We also had a storm this afternoon and it looks like there will be more downpours tonight and tomorrow before we get back to our nice cool Toowoomba summer temps once again.

    1. Just crazy isn't it...The pool is being kept clean though. hahah

  2. At least it cools down at night up here and we get a good sleep.

    1. We haven't even had that except last night it cooled down .

  3. We had some much needed rain way down in the Lower South East os South Australia. Temps have been under 30C for a while now which suits me fine.

    1. We so need rain the storms have all missed us here....There is thunder rumbling now though....So I'm hoping.