Friday, March 11, 2016

Birthday and Sewing

This most handsome young man turned 13 yesterday...

Its hard to believe my youngest is 13,,,
Family birthdays are getting smaller all the time now that 4 of 7 of the kids live away...
We tease Will that he is like a only child hahahah

Robbie has moved out to the Donna the Donga
This was my sewing room that I loved, then Ben moved in there and now that he and Cassie are married and moved away I thought I would get it back...

Robbie being 18 (and the fact that it has air con) has moved in there,,,
So I get a spare room...
I will keep the single beds in here for now, but I have also moved my
sewing machine in here.

I also have more storage for my craft supplies that have been packed away
for over a year now.

I know this Horn sewing table is ugly, but it is so good to have all you need handy...

Yep this is it now, I've been sewing..
So I needed another table O and bring in the ironing board as well.
Next minute!!!!!! A mess..

I made my youngest grand daughter a little Easter dress and am busy making a romper as well.
Nice to have it all in the house, so I'm glad Robbie took Donna.....may be I should call it Donald the Donga now it belongs to Robbie...

A last photo of the birthday boy...

Markets tomorrow if its not raining.

Enjoy your week end


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  1. Oh, dear! That's the worst part of using a spare room - those beds get covered in all sorts of shite!
    Mine is like that with crap everywhere! Happy birthday to your baby, too!

    Joolz xx