Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Sieanna May......

This sweet little girl is one today....
Happy Birthday 
Sieanna May

This after noon we will be going in to have cake with 
the birthday girl..

The sewing room has been put to good use making Sieanna her out fits. You have seen the little top, well I also got the  romper made , just in time for her birthday.
I will post some photos later of her in it.

The spare room is all clean again, Bruce and Robbie moved the large table in here for me so I have plenty of room now.
Next on my list is getting back into scrap booking. I really want to do a album up of Greg's life for the kids.

Nice to have this room all girly again after being a boys room for so long.

Below is a rare moment when it was a clean boys room...Really no such thing is there? Clean and boys hahahah

The vege garden is coming along well with the cooler weather.
My brother who you can see in the pic has moved in here with us, and he is loving being able to 
get into the garden..

He reminds me of my Pop who was always out in his vege garden...
Love the cooler weather and being able to be out in the garden again. It got very hot this summer and I am looking forward to this cooler weather.

The asparagus is going wild and I am cutting it every day..Have you ever had it straight from the garden? Tastes just like fresh snow peas. yummo.

Enjoy your week All


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