Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Good Bye to The Pool....................

I hope you all enjoyed your week end....

We took the opportunity to get some work done around the place as it was a long week end here for Anzac Day.

We have decided to take down our above ground pool. It was getting very rusty around the edges and starting to fall apart. It is all a bit of a mess at the moment but Bruce has been working hard.

The stones that were around the pool filter have made a lovely path through this large garden down to the pond.

The pond also got a make over with a new water feature made from a log Bruce found on the farm.

A great spot to sit with a drink and cool down after a hard days work, and admire the work we have done.

Still a bit of work to do down here but we will finish it all next week end as it too is a long week end.

It wasn't all work, on Sunday we went to Alanah and Cams out at Dalby for lunch. 
Cassie and Ben were staying there for the long week end so it was good to catch up with them.

Then Monday we went into Helidon for the Anzac Parade.

A busy but productive week end.


  1. wow Mandy won't you miss the pool? I don't know how anyone could live in Aussie without one.

    1. The kids lived in the pool when they were at home, but the boys tend to swim in the creek with there mates so won't miss it at all Deb.

  2. Mandy, that has been a lot of work taking down the pool. It is now getting a tad chilly here so definitely not swimming weather now up here on the hill. I guess we will soon be complaining about the cold once again ;-)

    1. Am loving the cooler weather Chel it is great....Bring on winter I say....

  3. Love your pebble path.
    We have a family photot similar in setting to yours taken five years ago but now missing my younger sister but a plus with three little grandsons since then...three full of beans scamps...precious memories :)
    Alexa-asimplelife from Sydney