Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lazy Days.....

School is back on and our 2 weeks of Lazy days are over.
Spending time with William in the garden and just slowing down has been nice.

I love the light of Autumn and how it shines in through the door and warms the now cool mornings. I do love Autumn, I start to feel the need to sew and crochet and just make....

I am going to do some more sewing for the grand babies, Charlie has his first birthday coming up and the theme for his party is Indians so I am going to make him a out fit...
Also a dress for Sieanna and some little pants for Henry to start with..

I have also been experimenting with soap...
Below is Himalayan salt soap. Great for exfoliating your skin and help with healing blemishes.
Experimenting with soap making is so much fun and you are only limited by your imagination.

I am still doing 2 markets a month and enjoying them, but that is going to change soon as I start doing a weekly market.

Last Thursday I went with my friend to help her at the weekly Farmers market here in Toowoomba.
Bronwyn sells eggs and chickens all pasture raised. Well she got talking to the lady that is running the markets about my soap, and I was invited to have a stall. Very exciting.....We will share a stall for now  and I will see how things go..

One advantage of your best friend owning a chicken farm is I have stopped doing my own chickens and just get them straight from Bronwym....Having a brother move in that is also a poultry butcher helps in the piecing of the birds as well...

I still do something though.......the cooking,
 nothing like a nice chicken pie for dinner...

Today I am looking after this little princess for a couple of hours which has been lovely.

 I hope you all enjoy your week and in Australia the long week end coming up.



  1. Hi Mandy, nice for you to have a weekly market, I only knew of the show ground farmers market, which is moving to the tafe grounds near Queens Park , where is the market you are doing on the Thursdays ?

    This is lovely weather for getting creative, hope you have fun with all your sewing projects.

  2. Margaret there are weekly ones near the Empire Theatre on Thursday afternoon/night.

    Mandy, it is nice to finally get some cool weather at long last. The babies are growing quickly.

  3. Thanks Chel, my brain did kick in a bit later and I Googled it and was able to find the info, I will be going along to check it out this week.