Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Decluttering and Recycling...

I feel free, liberated even let me share why.
I cleaned my closet!!!!

  It was full, 
full of shoes, clothes, blankets, hats and  crap no one else wanted
Before clean out

Took me all of 15mins...
In a crazed like state I just through things out with out thinking about it.

I have NEVER done a clothes cleansing like this. You know that skirt and dress you paid a fortune for 10 years ago...GONE. What about all the clothes from the op shops that you bought in a frenzy when you lost your weight AND have not worn!!!!! GONE. Then theirs the shoes 23 pairs I have thrown out, GONE.
Not to mention the hats....I don't even like hats! All the handbags I have collected over the years GONE....They were falling apart.

After crazed throwing

Much better.
Do I regret throwing 5 very large wheelie bin bags of clothes away? No... what I feel is embarrassed, embarrassed that I owned so much stuff....stuff that doesn't make me happy ...most of it I didn't like..
Now I love the items that I have kept they were the ones I wore all the time....I mean i don't go out that much any way.


I love my bedroom and am thank full for a my walk in robe that Bruce built me, now I'm not afraid to go in there.

Do you like my chair? a love seat I think you would call it.
My cleaver Bruce made it for our room from 2 old chairs, I need to make
some cushions for it yet but I love it.

I have been busy in the sewing room fighting the cat, I mean sewing haha

I made Charlie some clothes for his birthday with a Indian theme material.
They were a hit.

I needed to run to town on Monday and buy a new iron, ummmm came home with a over locker.
I have really wanted one for years and always been scared to use one, while I was in spotlight they were on sale for a crazy price...I knew if I didn't get one I would regret it....
Well I love it...

Went back through those bags of clothes looking for some I could refashion.
This dress was too high in the neck and choked me when I sat down, but I love the material...So I turned it into a skirt. The top I will hem and put back in the bag.

This top was a little short so I added some lace to the bottom of it, perfect now.

Have you ever had a major clothing breakdown? Or just me?
I want you too know I have no intentions of going out and buying new clothes to replace the ones I got rid of, that would defeat the purpose. No, now I will wear what I have and what I have, I love..



  1. Great job with the wardrobe de-clutter! It makes one feel so good after such an effort, to stand back and see everything so well ordered. I have been working on getting rid of a lot of clutter at my place too!

  2. Thanks Sherri, it is a big job to declutter but so good once it is all done...My husband is even doing his shed and that's a big job...Thanks for stopping buy..

  3. Good on you, Mandy. I tend to wear the same things all the time as well and don't really go out anywhere where I need to be dressed up so a declutter is on the cards for me as well.

  4. Oh well done Mandy, it is soooo liberating to have a big throw out and get rid of stuff. I think it is the process of taking time to touch and consider your things that can make the decision to just let it go and free up your space for a more calm and organized feeling.
    There is a little book called "The life changing magic of tidying up" the library have it.
    I was very motivated after reading it and got so much clearing and organising done , it makes life so much easier wnen we don't have all that stuff in our homes.

    Hope you got some of the lovely rain over the weekend.