Monday, May 30, 2016

Birthday Time................

Birthday time around here.
This is my brother Tyson who now lives here
in The Old Dairy.
Saturday was his birthday.
Happy Birthday Ty.

Sunday was Charlie's Birthday.

 Yes he is 1

How fast this year has gone...

Charlie is the happiest little boy and always has a smile for you.

Charlie had a great birthday party that his cousins had lots of fun at. There was face painting, which Abby and Grace loved.

The pinata was a real hit....

 and whats a birthday party with out a jumping castle.

Charlie and Alanh got feathers on there face to match the Little Indian theme of the party.

See the cake in the back ground it was a teepee....the kids loved it...
Happy Birthday Charlie

And Today is 
Alanah's Birthday

Happy birthday beautiful girl...

                                                BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS EVERY ONE..

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chop chop in the Garden.....

In the garden is a great time to get in and clean up as 
every thing slows down and I get a chance to do some maintenance.

I have been out in the vege garden getting the last of the summer veges out and planing the winter ones.

Over Summer the glass house gets used as a storage area, so I had to get in and give it a good clean out and weed.
It is now ready to grow tomatoes and lettuce in over winter and raise seedlings.

From the vege garden I moved into the back garden..
Looking very over grown out here, so I decided to get in and do some pruning.

Wow I may have got a little carried away..hahaha
The budlia I had out here is chopped right back as was a big bush rose.
The Mulberry tree got a trim  as well. The sun will be able to get in here now over winter and by Spring everything will be grown back.

The front garden got a good hair cut and mulching as well.

It is so dry at the moment, I cut down two trees as well out here as they are taking all the moisture out of the gardens.

I have planted lots of  low maintenance plants in here now as well as climbing roses on the fence.
Robbie trimmed all the hedges for me as well.

The garden is all ready for winter now...

How is all your gardens going????