Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Vege Garden.............

The summer vege garden really doesn't have much in it as it is way to hot here.
Herbs are all doing well but that is about it.

I have been spending time in the green house as it is very cool. I have a grapevine growing over it as well so it is the perfect spot on a hot summer day when you want to be out side.

I took a lot of cuttings in spring and this week they have gone out into the garden.
Now I need to get in and take some more as it is looking bare in here.

 The lettuce and bok choy seeds I planted on Sunday are already up.
I have been growing my lettuce in here as it doesn't bolt to seed that way.

The glass is another shady spot in the late afternoon with grape vine growing on it as well.
The succulents love it in here all year round.

As you can see I took this photo mid day and it is very shady.

This is my most favorite spot looking out to the vege garden, at the end you can see the green house and how it is very covered in vine.

Most of the vege beds look like this one bare...I am getting ready to sow carrots in this one in a week or two.

My little bird feeder I made from chipped china,
my new found fun making garden art from old china.

Bruce has been making these mini glass houses and selling them as fast as he makes them.
Lucky we have a good supply of windows...

How is your vege garden going through summer?
it does make it hard doesn't it.

We are really battling the heat lately in the garden and I am thank full I have a good under water supply for the garden....as we have missed out on most of the rain this summer...

Enjoy your week



  1. Mandy, I am really struggling in this constant heat. 35/36C for Toowoomba here on top of the hill....that is just ridiculous don't you think? I just love your greenhouse and the mini ones too.

  2. Way too hot and dry for the vege garden here in Hervey Bay. I would love to get it up and going but the ground is now aqua phobic. I have a lot of work to do before I can get anything in the ground.

  3. With this heat gardening is hard work....I am enjoying reading blogs from the side that is in Winter.hahaha makes me feel a little cooler looking at there snow...

  4. I am doing a bit of a catch-up on your blog Mandy. I want a green house like yours with a grape-vine growing over it. It looks like such a cool spot to be in summer. I am now mentally planning where I could put one. I think your tea-cup and saucer bird feeder is a great idea.

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