Saturday, February 11, 2017

Play Ground.....

Wow as I am siting here
I need to tell you that this is the hottest day ever here for us.
45 degrees.....I am so thankful for my air con..

I was thinking if we still had the pool I would be in it, but the water would be too hot any way.
So instead I am going to do a post on the old pool area.

 Last year we decided to pull the pool  down as it was getting old and rusty...
It Did a good job while the kids were growing up, and many hours of fun and memories were made here.

It has taken a while to get there but this area is now a 
lovely area for the grand children to play in..

The grass is slowly trying to grow....Now with this heat I hope it doesn't die.

 The cubby house just needs a clean out and made all pretty for the grand daughters to play in then 
the area will be complete.
The white box at the back is a old donga that has seen a lot of changes as well.
Now it is guest accommodation for visitors.
I call her Donna the Donga....

Bruce has just added two more loops to the arch and they are nearly full as well...
This is going to make a wonderful tunnel of wisteria one day.
It is a great area to sit in the cool and watch the children play....
Looking forward to Easter when all the Grand babies will be home..

If you live in Australia
Keep Cool....
Autumn is coming.......



  1. Mandy, wasn't the heat terrible yesterday? It would have been worse where you live. Thankfully the cool change has come through and we can have some respite from this ridiculously hot weather. Love what you have done in the area where your pool was.

  2. O Chel it was the worst heat we have ever had....We stayed inside working on projects that didn't take to much energy..This cooler weather is a gift that is for sure...