Thursday, July 27, 2017


After 5 years we have finally finished the kitchen.

 All we really needed to do was rip up the 30 year old lino and polish the floor..
Not to hard, but yet we have put it off for so long.

Well up it came...
We even got some one into do it for us, so even easier this time.

We had fun taking every thing out of the kitchen to make the job easier.
I major cleanup in the cabinets happened and only half went back in.

I am so happy with the difference the oiled floors make.

We chose to use tongue oil instead of a highly polished floor.
We have used this in the bedrooms and love it. It gives a warm glow to the floors and is supper easy to fix if there is a scratch or mark.

 All we have left is to tile the stove recess.

I knew what I wanted, a patchwork look tile...These are the ones I picked, and it took me all of 15mins to decide....

As soon as I saw them I new they where the ones. I picked them up this morning and we will tile on the weekend. When I say we I really mean Bruce hahaha

The one thing I miss since redoing our kitchen is the wood heater, below is a before photo I found.
I love the wood heaters and how they warm the house. The main reason we haven't put it back in is there is nowhere for it to fit.

Instead we sit out in the shop around the wood heater in there...
True we do!!!!!

I still make my bread but remember when we first moved in 30 years ago how cooking it in the wood stove it tasted so much better.  That was our answer a wood stove....

And here it is. 
This old girl has been completely rebuilt and even has shelf that attaches at the back which will be perfect for rising bread on.
We will now have a warm house, free cooking and Bruce being a plumber will hook it up to the solar hot hot water all winter no matter what the weather....

Below is a photo I found on pinterest that gives you an Idea of what we will do.
Stove at either side of the recess with a bench between the two that will also be the storage area for the wood. This will have a door so the wood will not need to come through the house.

I will post a update when the stove is in.

Enjoy the rest of your week....


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  1. Your kitchen is looking fabulous, Mandy and I love those tiles too. We haven't used the heater so far this winter and just rug up at night. Wish we had a wood stove once again though.