Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baby Shower....

This past Saturday we had Cassie's Baby Shower.

The amazing rainbow cake was made by one of her oldest school friends Jordan.
The party was a rainbow theme as this baby is a rainbow baby.
I had never heard of this until Cassie told me a rainbow baby is a baby you have when you have lost one before.

Her sisters did a great job of the party for her.
Jess was in from Surat Alanah from Dalby and Cassie from Glen Morgan.
Chloe didn't have to go far at all, just down the road haha

Below is Bruce's Daughters
Emma & Kayleigh

DIL Rachael on the left and Robbie's girlfriend Emma.
The only girls missing in the family was Karen and Phoebe.. 

Lots of friends came as well, and games were played.

Lots of presents to open. I think Cassie now has every thing she needs 
for bub...

We do love a good party here in the Storey household.

 With all my daughters home that ment Grandchildren.

Yep 8 out of 10 were here.
We missed Mason and Phoebe.

Grace & Abby thought Maddy was there own doll to play with.

Trying to get a photo was fun hahah.

Love this photo of Charlies face.

Uncle Will was worn out looking after his nieces and nephews...

See the crazy girl in the background.

Just loves a chance to show off that baby bump...

What a full on weekend...
The house is now cleaned but I am finding toys in some weird spots..
Christmas time and they will all be home again, plus a new little one....

Love having time to all hang out together....

How was your weekend spent?



  1. Goodness me, Mandy...where have the years gone as everyone is all grown up :-) How lovely for you to be able to spend time with your grandchildren. Love the photos of them all.

  2. Oh my goodness, what an amazing cake. Great photos.

  3. Oh my Mandy, it's been ages since I have popped in to read and get up to date with the STorey family AND boy oh boy look at all of those grandchildren now. It's amazing what can happen in the blink of an eye (or what seems like it lol) I wll be back again now I am blogging again to see the new additions.

  4. OMG....good to see you back.
    I have checked in a few times but all was quiet and you didn't answer my last email so thought you must be very tied up with work and family.
    Soooo much has happened in your family, no wonder you were a BIT busy !
    Hope to catch up very soon