Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Around the house....

We have been busy catching up on odd jobs around the house.
This area between the tank and house is where we decided to keep the wood.

Cleaver husband made a gate under the house so the wood can be stored out of the weather and out of site, yet close for us to bring in.
Bruce hung some old stove doors on the house as this is the stove recess after all...and when
the gate is closed you wouldn't even know the wood is under there.

Bruce has also put irrigation to all the fruit trees, as this year with not much rain we
didn't get a very good crop of anything...
I just have to get in and mulch them all. It is so dry that we are spending a bit of money this year on mulch so we don't have to water as much.
Lots of work but worth  it in the end.

The geese do a good job of keeping it clean but they don't seem to like the marshmallow weed and it is a bitch to pull out...

A old bed we got from Chloe is starting to look nice now that the flowers are all coming out.
A play on Garden bed..

Mulch mulch and more mulch.

I have planted some grasses along the front of the clothes line deck to soften the edges
and pretty it up a bit. They will grow quite large and make a nice little spot for the birds to hide in.

Also been making some garden art....A large Angel.
Not a good pic sorry

Well it has certainly warmed up here now, Spring is here...

The vege garden has been planted up and seedlings on the go in the green house.
I will share that another time.....

Enjoy your week.


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