Saturday, November 4, 2017

Welcome Billy.........

This day last month I was on the road to go and be with
Cassie who was due to have her first baby..
Time flies

We welcomed William Reginald Robinson(Billy)
7lb 14oz on the 5/10/17 

Very proud and very tired parents.

William is a family name on Ben's side, we also have our William.
So Billy it will be.

Billy is number 11 grandchild...
Yep proud Grandma here....

Cassie is very lucky to have her eldest sister living only 45mins up the road.
So I also got to hang out with these ratbags while there....which was crazy and a delight.

 Grace turned 6 while I was there and I got to go to see 
her at school. Grace is my eldest grandchild Wow these kids have been busy
in the last 6 years.

October came and went in a blur what with going in and out to Cassie's, this month will
be much quieter I think...Lots of time in the garden and looking forward to all being together at Christmas...

Have a blessed week