Monday, April 9, 2018


I'm sure every blog starts the same....It's been awhile since I was on here....
Hahahaha true though...

This Easter 
Bruce, Robbie, Will and myself drove over night up to Charters Towers
to see No 1 son....We got there in time for Breakfast Good Friday...

Had a wonderful time having all 3 sons together, this is something that I love and never happens near enough..
Phoebe and Mason are growing up so fast, and I had lots of granny time with them.
My little Mason is the most lovable affectionate little boy, he always is giving me cuddles and I miss them already.

This one is the spitting image of her Dad..And only has eyes for her Dad as
well....So much fun to be able to spend time loving on grandchildren isn't it...

Maddy turned 1 in March

I still call her our Miracle baby, not a day goes by when
I am not thankful for how perfect she is.
God is good.

And in exciting news
I got a new car....The kids nearly had a fit when i got it
and still tease me about it....This is not a people mover its a furniture mover hahaha.
With The Old Dairy shop jumping ahead in leaps and bounds I needed a bigger vehicle to fit
more in....It will get its first real road test this week as hopefully we are heading down to Tenterfield.

The gardens are looking lovely though dry, Bruce put a little tank on
the cubby to catch more rain water. It is so cute looks like it's always been there.

The Elder flowers are doing so well, can't wait to make elder flower cordial next summer.
And wine too..

Until next time...



  1. Hi Mandy its always fun spending time with the grandies,i have two here at the moment. Lovely post ,hope you have a wonderful day xx

  2. Good on you for getting a new car, Mandy. A drive to Charters Towers is quite long. Glad you missed the flooding. We must take a drive down to your shop soon.

  3. What a lovely time with family. Can't beat it. Great to hear how well your shop is going Mandy, your car will be put to good use.