Monday, July 28, 2008

A Cold Monday

Hello and Welcome to my Blog on this cold winters day. It is cold and wet here it was 5 degrees in Toowoomba today and sleeting now for me that's cold. Of course I had to go to town to-day to do some errands. COLD.I soon warmed up though by having coffe and chatting with my BF (hello)

Above is a photo of one of my gardens after some winter prunning,this garden is normly full of roses, there are bulbs starting to pop there heads up though. I think there is something beautiful about a stark winter garden. The work is all worth it come spring when every-thing blooms.

Thank you for visiting my blog today I have so much to share with you all.I have been inspired by many blogs, those on the side bar and more to add. I think that it is a wonderfull thing to be able to inspire some-one we don't know and even in another country.

Above is the fading rainbow in our sky at 4p.m isn't God great to send this, after such a cold and miserable day.