Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time To Catch Up

This is a photo of the children going to school this morning, as you can see they are rugged up for another winter day,they all have 3 layers on under there.

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago at the beach on holidays. Guess where the kids want to be, and it's not on there way to school......
I am catching up on the housework today..Lots of washing to get done as the sun is shinning and the there is a gentle breeze so it won't take long to dry. And the dust !I love my wood fire but it does make dusting a full time effort.
And then it's out to the garden to get lots of weeding done as we got some nice rain while away on holidays,so there is plenty to weed and grass to mow.Such a joy as it has been dry for so long.
I am still trying to get the pictures in the right place they keep loading from the top, as soon as I work it all out I 'll post some more of the garden.

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