Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why The Old Dairy?

What a great day I had yesterday, I got into the garden up at the dairy. After the rain all the stinging nettles had come up,as this is a new garden and I don't think it has ever had any-thing planted there before, well the weeds are all gone now and once again there is room for the plants to grow there. The nasturtiums are doing very well, they seem to like the cold wet conditions up here.

I thought that I would tell you a little bit about my blogs name. Why the old dairy? That's just what it is I wish I had some photo's of before it was transformed. Basically we have lived here for nineteen years and in all that time it sat abandoned as it didn't belong to us until we bought the rest of the farm surrounding the house. Two years ago we got around to renovating it, got the front wall up which is on the left of the picture as that was open and all the bales where there for the milking. Then we painted the out-side, now this may seem back to front to you but our eldest son was getting married and they wanted photos taken up here. So we worked from the out-side in.

This is the inside.........Once it was all painted it came up so well.I just love it.As you can see it is my sewing room.I am still decorating it and there is no power yet so I run a lead up there for my machine. But it is all mine.believe me after never having a sewing room for many years I must say I am very possessive of my new space.

I had a budget of $400 to furnish the two rooms and I found every-thing I needed from the second hand shops in just one day. Above is a hutch my handy man made me using left over wood from around the place.This is my favorite piece I think because it cost nothing.................

So that is some of the story of my Dairy/sewing room.

Last night I joined a new craft group, what a lovely bunch of ladies they were,and it was good to get out and meet some new local people. I love to do hand stitching as it is easy to put down and pick up. The one above is one I did for the sewing room. I love this one.

This is a photo of my youngest boy getting a hair cut yesterday, he don't look to impressed does he. Not the easiest persons hair to cut..
Now I'm going to get some work done around the house..Have a great day today every-one

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A fulfilling Day

Some how I have managed to get the date and time wrong .Never mind we know that to is really WEDNESDAY today, don't we.

I hope every -one had a great day yesterday! For me it was one of those fulfilling days, you know the ones. You haven't done any-thing special just gone about your day and in that found happiness. Once the washing was on the line it dried quickly,so I was able to fold it all and get it all put away. The rooms dusted,vacuumed and beds made.

Then it was time to pull on the gum boots and get out to the sun shine and the weeds.

This is one of my back gates(I have 3) If you look closely you can see the grass getting away into the garden beds.This path leads from to garden to where I am making my vege patch but there is a lot of work to be done. First I have to get a fence around it to keep the cows out. Down this path leads to the back of the house and the clothes line.

This is where I was working yesterday the side garden,sorry not a real good picture, I'm going to have to get into the habit of taking my camera out into the garden with me. Most of the green in the garden are weeds, not that you can tell from this photo.

Miss A cooked tea last night,as she stayed home from school today with a headache. Any way she made a cottage pie, a baked custard and peppermint cookies.All from the Wiki how site.
We had fresh broccoli and cauliflower in white sauce to go with it.....YUMMY

The sun is shinning today and the out side is begging for me to come out. Today I am going up to the old dairy and working on the garden up there. Looking at the picture on my header I'm going to have to get rid of the white plastic chair and put a different one there.
Have a great day in doing the simple things in life that you enjoy..........

Time To Catch Up

This is a photo of the children going to school this morning, as you can see they are rugged up for another winter day,they all have 3 layers on under there.

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago at the beach on holidays. Guess where the kids want to be, and it's not on there way to school......
I am catching up on the housework today..Lots of washing to get done as the sun is shinning and the there is a gentle breeze so it won't take long to dry. And the dust !I love my wood fire but it does make dusting a full time effort.
And then it's out to the garden to get lots of weeding done as we got some nice rain while away on holidays,so there is plenty to weed and grass to mow.Such a joy as it has been dry for so long.
I am still trying to get the pictures in the right place they keep loading from the top, as soon as I work it all out I 'll post some more of the garden.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Cold Monday

Hello and Welcome to my Blog on this cold winters day. It is cold and wet here it was 5 degrees in Toowoomba today and sleeting now for me that's cold. Of course I had to go to town to-day to do some errands. COLD.I soon warmed up though by having coffe and chatting with my BF (hello)

Above is a photo of one of my gardens after some winter prunning,this garden is normly full of roses, there are bulbs starting to pop there heads up though. I think there is something beautiful about a stark winter garden. The work is all worth it come spring when every-thing blooms.

Thank you for visiting my blog today I have so much to share with you all.I have been inspired by many blogs, those on the side bar and more to add. I think that it is a wonderfull thing to be able to inspire some-one we don't know and even in another country.

Above is the fading rainbow in our sky at 4p.m isn't God great to send this, after such a cold and miserable day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New beginnings.

What do you say on your first Blog..HELLO and welcome..

You have all inspired me to Blog as I have been a part of many lives as you have shared and now I am going to give it a go.May-be I can inspire some-one as I have been.

I will share my lifes journey as I live a simple but exciting life( with 1 husband,7 kids, 3geese, 7 chooks, 1 goat, 30 odd cows, 2 fish,2 cats, and 1 dog) with this crowd how can life be any thing other than exciting.

Thanks for joining me on my lifes journey.