Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vege Garden update..

Do you know what today is??
The first day of soccer season!!!!!!!! That's right, the boys start
soccer practice today, and so that means my life starts to revolve around soccer......
I do have a confession to make here though. Over the years I have come to love the game,
please though don't let my boys know that........

So with soccer comes Autumn, and that means lots of work in the vege garden.
Above is my cherry tomatoes that my brother in-law gave me.
The garden is ready for them to go into now.
Below is part of my herb garden. I have only just planted some
basil out as every-thing had died off.
The mulch around the plants is my first attempt at making compost.
It hadn't all broken down, the bottom was full of the most lovely compost I've ever seen. T he
top still had leaves but that's O.K as I used that as mulch on top of the garden.
As the days get cooler here it is a joy
to be out in the garden and getting it ready for the
months ahead.

Hello to Sherri and Paula and thanks for your comment,
I will be over to visit you later in the day.

Williams corn was a hit for show and tell, I think there is lots of little grade 1s that
want a vege patch now.

I hope you all enjoy your day today

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Friends

I want to say welcome to my new readers today.
Thank you for all the encouraging comments you leave me ,
I read each and every one of them.
I haven't had as much time to answer them or some days to even visit you
at your blog, but I am thankful for all my new and old blogging friends.
So welcome....
Here is Williams corn all cooked and ready to eat. It tasted as good
as it looks. What a proud little boy he was. He even wants to take a piece to school
for show and tell, don't you just love little boys and the way they think.

Yesterday I got into the vege garden and pulled out all the old
tomato bushes. The egg plant is still producing and so are the strawberries.
I was thinking that I might put a row of pine apples in here as well.
I have been juicing so many that I have alot of tops, so why not plant them and see what happens......

I am off to craft for awhile this morning to catch up with all the lovely ladies, I haven't been for awhile as Greg has chemo on Tuesdays.
I have managed to get him in at 1pm though and that gives me a chance to still go to craft.
Crafty of me!!!!
Have a great Tuesday all

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Mondy....

We have had so much rain this month, that
the gardens are all doing so well and the whole yard is green.
But I have been a bit lax on the pruning, so this week end off I go with my ladder,
saw and hat ready to prune any thing that stays still.
I had just started this topiary when wham.wham.whammm.
Wasps great big stinging ones.
Jumping from
the ladder and running around screaming, hubby asked me
to settle down as he was reading the paper!!!!!!!!
Well let me tell you he came pretty close to getting a good pruning as well!!!!
Me.....I went inside and the ladder is still waiting for me to come back.
First I have to kill some wasps which will mean getting close enough
to find them and then burn them out. Knowing me I'll burn the whole tree down!

This is my clean and ordered book selves....
Not me, Cassandra got so bored that she decided to get them in order.
That is why the top shelf isn't done as she couldn't stretch up there.
A big job well done as all the shelves looked like the top one. She has gone back to school today.
Very excited to be going back and catching up with all her friends.
Well I'm of to do some killing, wasp killing of course.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back....

It must be the month for hospitals!!!!!!!

Cassandra has been the hospital since Monday. She had her appendix out.
Yes it all happened very suddenly, she had been sick on Sunday and I thought may-be it was a tummy bug. Monday though she could hardly move as the day went on. Monday after noon we were at the G.Ps and he sent us for an ultra sound.
Back to the G.P and then straight up to see the surgeon. We saw the surgeon at 4p.m and she was on the operating table by 5p.m
She was a scared little girl that's for sure. So i have been at the hospital since
then. She come home at lunch time today though and is feeling alot better.

On the up side though I did get some sewing done, not in the dairy though.
I started this stitchery when Greg went in and finished it of last night.
I think that I'll turn it into a cushion.

As you can imagine I have lots of housework to do, so I had better get to it.
Might have a coffee first and catch up on a few bloggy friends.
Blessings to all

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Going To Sew!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your week-end!
Our family had a great time, our week end started with going to
the M.I.Ls place for after-noon tea, she truly makes the best fairy cakes ever.
I haven't had her stay as much lately and I know that she is missing being here
so I will have to get my act together and have her come stay
again for a while.
She is doing well though at the moment and is getting out alot with
other family members and her senior citizens group, so that's good.
Friday night was a night in with Hubby and younger boys,
as the girls all went to youth group in Toowoomba.
It was raining on and off on Fri & Saturday which was lovely and cool.
Saturday night we had friends for tea great company they
were . Four men friends that Greg had a great time with.
It was good to see them all enjoying themselves and relaxing. Aren't good friends
better than medicine especially when you have laughed all night..
Greg has been feeling so much better the last couple of days!!!!!
Two of his brothers came down on Sunday to wiper sniper the front fence line as the rain was shorting out he electric fence.
They got here about 9am and when we got home from church the were still at it.
We gave them lunch and they had a few beers as well, the lest we could do as it was hot on Sunday. Later in the day Greg sat on the tractor and
sprayed so that the grass wouldn't grow back again.
I got out and did the mowing and got some more gardening done.
This week I am definitely getting some sewing and hand work done,
I know I say that each week but I am caught up on every thing now, so I can.
House work is all finished and Greg has gone into work for awhile
so I am of to the dairy to sew!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Sunny Start To The Day.

After I have got the children off to school
my mornings start here on my sunny veranda.
It is a good place to stop and sort out all that needs doing for the day.
Where do you stop to sort out your day ahead?
I think it would be fun to share photos of where our day starts.....
Yesterday I was able to get to town (on my own)
I had bills to pay and all those boring type things, that's not all I did though.
On the way to the bank I HAD to walk past one of my favourite little second hand shop.
Look what I found!!!!
This glorious little phone table already painted white and it was only $25.
Made going to town worth it.

After school the boys went out for a walk and William had to show Dad
his corn. Remember Williams vege garden?
Well he planted corn this time and look how tall it is. It's nearly ready to eat
and he can't wait....

This is my sick looking tomato bushes. I don't know
what is wrong with them. I think I will have to pull them all out
and get some others into the ground.

Today is so much cooler then what the rest of the week has been.
I think I will do some baking as having the oven on won't over heat the house today.
I hope every one has a great week end , no matter
where you are or what you will be doing....
Blessings to all

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling Calmer.....

Life is starting to settle into a routine and life is feeling calmer.

Yesterday was Greg's first day of chemo treatment, all I can say is that it is a whole other
world sitting in a cancer ward. The only way I can describe it is POSITIVE.
Sounds a crazy word to use doesn't it, but every person there getting treatment were all positive that there lives were going to be O.K even if they had cancer. I have alot to learn from these people, that's for sure.
Any way Greg is fine no side affects at all may be a little tired but hey, that's good.
Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts all.

Alanah started T.A.F.E today she is doing a business course and was very excited
about going this morning. Life is so exciting to be 16 and in grade 12.
She is enjoying school so much and loving her last year....

I have been getting out to the garden a little every after noon and the
pruning is nearly all done. The vege garden is not looking good though as I haven't replanted any thing, bad organization on my part I know. The last lot of tomatoes aren't doing to well
as they have been bitten by some thing. They were the ox heart.
I'll try to get my camera working again and show you a photo tomorrow.

The washing machine is beeping at me to come and
hang out the washing, some things never change as there is always
plenty of that to do.

Blessing to all...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Praying instead of blogging.

Today I was going to write about my week end,
but it seems frivolous of me when our nation is in mourning.
Today instead I will pray for those that have been touched by fire and flood.
Blessings and prayer to all

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today Is Friday????/

What happened to the week?
I have been so busy juicing,cooking and cleaning that it has whizzed by.
I still haven't had a chance to get out to the garden!!!!!!
I always prided myself on feeding my family healthy meals, but since Greg got sick
all the tings we used to eat he can't eat.
The natropath has him on a low acid diet so no meat,chicken,citrus fruit,cheese,dairy
the list goes on. Or as Greg says he can't eat man food(junk food).
Needless to say I am cooking all separate meals what Greg eats we all eat.
Juice 3 times a day and lots of tofu and green leafy vegs. I am juicing most of Greg's vegs as he
really can't eat much and this is the one way to get the vitamins into him. (with lots of gagging I might add)
The children have been really good with the change of diet and haven't complained any where near as much as there Father. lol
This week-end I am going up to the dairy and just surround myself with
my sewing. I know I need to let myself unwind before the next week comes
around. I have a few things that I want to sew. I also want to trace
some patterns onto to cloth to have plenty of hand sewing on hand for sitting at the hospital.

This photo is one my eldest son sent me. Remember David and Karen live in Charters Towers.
Well this is the main high way to Townsville no getting in or out for them.
To all my readers under siege from the rain my thoughts are with you.
Rain up north and heat waves down south. So where ever you are this
week end with what ever weather you are having, be safe......

Blessings to all

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Times Are Changing

Here they are, the last of my Family are off to school!

Alanah is gr 12 so this is her last year. Cassie has entered highscool in gr8.

Robertson is in gr 6.

And my baby William is gr 1.

and loving every minute of it, truly he hasn't shed a tear, unlike his Mother.

O.K I have to say it he is so cute in his uniform......

Here he is at school in his class room, see that smile well it hasn't left his face.

The first day he went he got home work, wellllll the excitement of

being a big boy now! I know that will only last a couple of weeks and then it will be

aghhhhh homework!!!!

This mess is my back garden..I just don't know where to start, you

know when something is to hard it even harder to get going.

Today I am cleaning the pool I'm just waiting for my brother in-law to bring

a water vac home for me. The pool is all empty and there is just gunk to get of the bottom.

It wasn't a pretty sight when we got home

Well it's time to go and get the rest of the house work done so I can get that
pool cleaned.
I need to get my hands on some craft to as I miss it.
So much to do, so I off.
Blessings to all

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank You

The words thank you some times seem so inadequate don't they for what you are
feeling in side......But they are the only ones I can come up with.
So Thank-you my blogging friends.
Your prayers and blessings mean so much to us.
Every one of the verses that you gave me lifted my heart and gave me joy.
The photos are of my garden before I went away, guess what?
after a month they don't look that good any more.
Guess what I will be doing some time this week. Actually I can't
wait to get into my garden. The peace and quiet of it all.
The vege garden is all finished with just a few tomatoes left.
I have new stuff ready to go out this week end.

It has rained so much here that every thing has gone wild so lots of pruning to do.
I will get out and take some photos before I start cleaning
up so you can see the jungle.
To all my friends in the heat down south I hope you are all
doing O.K and taking things as easy as you can.
Well just a few more things in the house to do and then I'm
out to the garden for awhile.
Blessings to all

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here is my wonderful Husband who at this moment is fighting for his life.
While on holidays we found out that Greg has pancreatic cancer.
The last month has been a whirl of tests, doctors, hospitals. So much in such a short time.
We have been hiding at the beach you could say away from the real world, but
we are home and I know one thing for certain and that
is that our lives will never be the same again.
I have thought of ways that I would right this post and none of them are easy for me, so I am going with the facts here, what the doctors say...
They say that the tumor is attached to the major blood vessels in his stomach,
it has also spread to his liver and that it is inoperable.
They the doctors also say that with chemo he may live for 12mths.
O.K there is the facts not good are they, as you can imagine our family is realling with this news
but we are a close strong family and are believing for more.
There is one thing that our family has and that is a strong faith in God. It is that faith and love that is going to get us through this. I'm not saying that it will be easy
as it is very hard to watch the love of your life in so much pain all the time.
We have many people in Toowoomba praying for Greg and I know
that after tonight that there will be alot more. I know
that many of you reading this are also Christians, and will also be
praying for Greg. I have never been so sure of my faith as I am now.
Pray for my children as you have gotten to know them through my blog.
This is hardest on them especially David, Karen and Jess as thy live away and can't be here. Uphold them I ask..........