Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling Calmer.....

Life is starting to settle into a routine and life is feeling calmer.

Yesterday was Greg's first day of chemo treatment, all I can say is that it is a whole other
world sitting in a cancer ward. The only way I can describe it is POSITIVE.
Sounds a crazy word to use doesn't it, but every person there getting treatment were all positive that there lives were going to be O.K even if they had cancer. I have alot to learn from these people, that's for sure.
Any way Greg is fine no side affects at all may be a little tired but hey, that's good.
Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts all.

Alanah started T.A.F.E today she is doing a business course and was very excited
about going this morning. Life is so exciting to be 16 and in grade 12.
She is enjoying school so much and loving her last year....

I have been getting out to the garden a little every after noon and the
pruning is nearly all done. The vege garden is not looking good though as I haven't replanted any thing, bad organization on my part I know. The last lot of tomatoes aren't doing to well
as they have been bitten by some thing. They were the ox heart.
I'll try to get my camera working again and show you a photo tomorrow.

The washing machine is beeping at me to come and
hang out the washing, some things never change as there is always
plenty of that to do.

Blessing to all...


  1. I'm glad you had both on seperate days.

    I am a little calmer today too. It will be nice when the year gets under way in some sort of pattern for us both, which is slowly starting to emerge, and I guess the weather settling too perhaps.

    I'm glad you are happy with how things are going with your new routine and the kids activities, and that you are able to do gardening. Our neighbour's garden is very dry from recent weather, ours with the watering has seemed to bounce back. Maybe some deadheading needed but that is all. The 40+ on the last day was too much for the daisies for example.

  2. Hi Mandy

    I was shocked when I read that your husband was ill with cancer. You seem to be rolling along with it, that's very brave of you. I hope his treatment goes well and that he continues to feel okay. We have a friend who has a tumor in his bowel and he is undergoing chemo as well as taking an experimental drug. To date the tumor looks to be shrinking so that is all good news. He seems well in himself and optimistic that the treatment is working.
    Wishing you all well,


  3. Its good that you feel calmer and settling into a routine, and that the first day of chemo went well. I'm pleased that you were able to get the advice of a naturopath also.
    May peace, beauty and hope fill your days.

  4. I have an relative that from what I understand is taking an experimental drug or drip rather too.

    When you feel like it, I have an award for you.

  5. Oh, Mandy -how did I miss your blog about Greg? You can be sure of my prayers. The discovery of the cancer was so sudden, wasn't it? My dear, I am thinking of you and your lovely family and how you'll get through this with your love.

  6. Mandy, the last time I visited here, I saw your vacation shots. Everything seemed so wonderful. And now I come back and read a few posts back to see what you and your family are going through, and my heart just sunk. I am so sorry you are going through this. Your children are beautiful. I'll be in touch and be praying.

  7. Still praying for you all - Ang x

  8. Thank You Ladies for your well wishes and prayer. I truly beleive that God dosn't give me any thing that I can not handle, including this.Not that it makes it any easier I just know that I can plod along. As a Mother you have to be brave for your children. I have my break downs when they are all in bed and it is only me and God...
    beleive me that's not a pretty sight. LOL.