Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Mondy....

We have had so much rain this month, that
the gardens are all doing so well and the whole yard is green.
But I have been a bit lax on the pruning, so this week end off I go with my ladder,
saw and hat ready to prune any thing that stays still.
I had just started this topiary when wham.wham.whammm.
Wasps great big stinging ones.
Jumping from
the ladder and running around screaming, hubby asked me
to settle down as he was reading the paper!!!!!!!!
Well let me tell you he came pretty close to getting a good pruning as well!!!!
Me.....I went inside and the ladder is still waiting for me to come back.
First I have to kill some wasps which will mean getting close enough
to find them and then burn them out. Knowing me I'll burn the whole tree down!

This is my clean and ordered book selves....
Not me, Cassandra got so bored that she decided to get them in order.
That is why the top shelf isn't done as she couldn't stretch up there.
A big job well done as all the shelves looked like the top one. She has gone back to school today.
Very excited to be going back and catching up with all her friends.
Well I'm of to do some killing, wasp killing of course.


  1. Blasted wasps!! I did have to laugh though Mandy. The way you described it specially when you mentioned the ladder was still there & Dh telling you to settle down!!lol.

  2. Well done Cassandra - can she come and work on my shelves too please??