Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back....

It must be the month for hospitals!!!!!!!

Cassandra has been the hospital since Monday. She had her appendix out.
Yes it all happened very suddenly, she had been sick on Sunday and I thought may-be it was a tummy bug. Monday though she could hardly move as the day went on. Monday after noon we were at the G.Ps and he sent us for an ultra sound.
Back to the G.P and then straight up to see the surgeon. We saw the surgeon at 4p.m and she was on the operating table by 5p.m
She was a scared little girl that's for sure. So i have been at the hospital since
then. She come home at lunch time today though and is feeling alot better.

On the up side though I did get some sewing done, not in the dairy though.
I started this stitchery when Greg went in and finished it of last night.
I think that I'll turn it into a cushion.

As you can imagine I have lots of housework to do, so I had better get to it.
Might have a coffee first and catch up on a few bloggy friends.
Blessings to all


  1. Oh Mandy you are having a bad deal at the moment. Glad DD is home & on the mend now. Remember to look after & take time for yourself.

  2. I just loved seeing her smiling face. She is similar to my second youngest and it was very reassuring to see your daughter's hair. My daughter kept getting hers cut and I felt terrible about it. Your daughter is lovely. So glad she is happy, guess it is nice to be pain free!

  3. That embroidery is beautiful Mandy. What lovely work!

  4. Your family must be getting fed up with hospitals! Glad they got Cassandra sorted out promptly.
    Beautiful stitchwork- it will make a great cushion!
    blessings and prayers- angela x

  5. Hello Mandy

    Glad your Cassandra's op went well. She looks about the same age as my Brianna (15) and very chirpy too. Amazing how they operate then chuck you out of hospital so quickly - an appendectomy used to have you in hospital for over a week once. I suppose it was keyhole surgery?

    Love that stitchery, well done!

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. I hope Cassie is doing well after her op! What a shock that must have been. I love that stitchery, it is just beautiful.

  7. I guess oytu will be have a fair bit of time in the next few motnhs for stitchery - so why not make that one the beginning of a stitchery quilt? Once you think you have enough we can work out how to tie them all together with sashing and blocks, it can be your memory quilt for this year.

    And truly there is no mystery I had four blocks done I only needed a few hours to get the rest done and to do that I ignored the housework and the garden. Today i will be ignoring the washing and ironing to get it finished!!!!!LOL

    Watch out later today for my post I will show what it looks like with the borders on aand then take some quiltingin progress shots.


  8. Glad Cassandra was quickly attended to and is on the mend. That stitching is beautiful! I like daisymum's sugeestion about doing an embroidery block a month type quilt!
    That corn was something to be proud of too! My only attempt at growing corn wasn't very successful.

  9. Thanks for the well wishes Ladies much needed. Daisymum I love the idea of a stichery memory quilt. You are so clever......
    Yes joolz it was keyhole surgery, amazing what they can do now isn't it. Cassandra is only 12!!!!

  10. Good to hear the girl is on the mend:) That can be very dangerous. Your stitchery is soooo lovely, Mandy.

  11. Oh my you have been busy since I last checked in. I am so pleased that you have allowed some time for friends, coffee and craft.