Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Going To Sew!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your week-end!
Our family had a great time, our week end started with going to
the M.I.Ls place for after-noon tea, she truly makes the best fairy cakes ever.
I haven't had her stay as much lately and I know that she is missing being here
so I will have to get my act together and have her come stay
again for a while.
She is doing well though at the moment and is getting out alot with
other family members and her senior citizens group, so that's good.
Friday night was a night in with Hubby and younger boys,
as the girls all went to youth group in Toowoomba.
It was raining on and off on Fri & Saturday which was lovely and cool.
Saturday night we had friends for tea great company they
were . Four men friends that Greg had a great time with.
It was good to see them all enjoying themselves and relaxing. Aren't good friends
better than medicine especially when you have laughed all night..
Greg has been feeling so much better the last couple of days!!!!!
Two of his brothers came down on Sunday to wiper sniper the front fence line as the rain was shorting out he electric fence.
They got here about 9am and when we got home from church the were still at it.
We gave them lunch and they had a few beers as well, the lest we could do as it was hot on Sunday. Later in the day Greg sat on the tractor and
sprayed so that the grass wouldn't grow back again.
I got out and did the mowing and got some more gardening done.
This week I am definitely getting some sewing and hand work done,
I know I say that each week but I am caught up on every thing now, so I can.
House work is all finished and Greg has gone into work for awhile
so I am of to the dairy to sew!!!!


  1. Happy sewing Mandy,

    Laughter with good company really is the best medicine like they say. I am glad Greg had a good time while his friends visited.

    I have been working my butt off this morning catching up on my housework that was not done last week.


  2. I am a purist about fairy cakes, I bet they were the real deal, yum.

    I am so glad about the nice company you husband and mother in law have been having.

  3. I've never had a "fairy cake" I don't think. I love the sound of them, though:). Have a wonderful sewing day and keep us up on the project, okay?