Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vege Garden update..

Do you know what today is??
The first day of soccer season!!!!!!!! That's right, the boys start
soccer practice today, and so that means my life starts to revolve around soccer......
I do have a confession to make here though. Over the years I have come to love the game,
please though don't let my boys know that........

So with soccer comes Autumn, and that means lots of work in the vege garden.
Above is my cherry tomatoes that my brother in-law gave me.
The garden is ready for them to go into now.
Below is part of my herb garden. I have only just planted some
basil out as every-thing had died off.
The mulch around the plants is my first attempt at making compost.
It hadn't all broken down, the bottom was full of the most lovely compost I've ever seen. T he
top still had leaves but that's O.K as I used that as mulch on top of the garden.
As the days get cooler here it is a joy
to be out in the garden and getting it ready for the
months ahead.

Hello to Sherri and Paula and thanks for your comment,
I will be over to visit you later in the day.

Williams corn was a hit for show and tell, I think there is lots of little grade 1s that
want a vege patch now.

I hope you all enjoy your day today


  1. I'm jealouse, I had a great veggie garden at my old house. I have the ground tilled up here at my new house but I still have a lot of work to do to get the gouned ammended and get it ready for planintg. Georgia red clay is not very condusive to good growing of anything....

    We are still under a some fairly strict drought restrictions in our region but I am hopefully that this spring I can get at least a tomato plant in as well as a few herbs. I had a huge rosemary bush, I miss terribly that I had to leave behind.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.


  2. I am sorry I have not read your blog for a while, I didn't know that your husband was sick. Though it sounds like he is on the mend know. I really want a veggie garden but we rent and I am unsure whether I can have one or not. By the way I love your front veranda what a perfect place to start your day.

  3. Williams corn turned out well, so glad he got to share at school and inspire others to garden.

  4. Can you put cherry tomatoes in the ground now? OUrs look like they are coming to the end of their life, only one green tomato was its product.