Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fig Jam

Greg's Uncle dropped of a case of figs to us yesterday.
Guess what I will be making????
Fig Jam.
I have never made Fig jam before but I have made other jams.
Looking forward to fresh bread with fig jam yummmmmmm
All the roses are fertilized, pruned and watered.
In 6 weeks I'll have another flush of flowers before I prune them
back hard for winter.
I was a bit late fertilizing my fruit trees, but I got them done yesterday as well.
Also finished planting out the vege patch.
I got zucchinis, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, egg plant, snow peas and
I also planted my sweet peas.
The weather has been so much cooler with heavy cloud cover
that you just want to be in the garden.
I trimmed the hedge around the pool this morning and it's looking all neat and tidy again.
Where are all the photos your asking?????
They won't down load as the memory is full.
I'm going to have to go through and put alot of photos on disc to free up
some space......Here's hoping I know what I'm doing!!!!
Well I better get to the jam making
and back out to the garden for awhile.
Soccer prac for the boys this afternoon, so the crock pot is on and
the house is full of smells no wonder I'm feeling hungry.
Blessings to all


  1. Fig Jam is one of my all time fav jams. Brings back fond memories of my Grandpa it was his favourite.

  2. Thank you SO much for changing the background color. Have you tried fig and ginger homemade jam? Sorry I don't have the receipe but it is just so nice. Regards Claire.

  3. All your postings about gardens has inspired me. I bought seeds the other day and now I'm waiting until it is warm enough to work the soil and prepare the beds. Maybe this weekend. They're predicting temps in the 50's.

  4. If I were there, there wouldn't be enough figs left to even make jam! I LOVE figs more than anything and could happily eat my weight in them!

  5. I've never made fig jam either. In fact, I've never heard of fig jam. But I do love "Fig Newton" cookies and I guess they are filled with - fig jam!