Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Autumn!!!!!!!

I have made a start on the house work. The
chairs are up and the floors are ready to be vacuumed and mopped.
But it is so hotttttt! So like all good bloggers I've left the chairs where they are
and came to do my blog, excuse me for a moment I forget to make a coffee.
O.K back again...
Autumn is my favorite month, I love the colours reds, browns, bronze and all the colours in between. I love the leaves turning then falling, and most of all the promise of cooler
weather....Happy Spring to all my friends on the other side of the globe.
I am looking forward to reading about your spring.

We had a busy weekend, what's new they're all busy with children.
On Friday we had Alanah-Mays senior induction.
They all got there badges and certificates. This is a great way
for them to start the year I think. Above is Alanah and her 2 best friends Laura and Brianna
These girls have been friends since pre school. Laura and Alanah have been friends since they were born. I think it is a blessed thing to have a special person
in your life that's has always been there for you.
They are lucky girls to have one another.
I nearly forgot Alanah got her learners on Friday
as well, so she had a great day.
Congratulations Alanah-May.
Friday night was our local community Barby and
you all know how much I enjoy these.
Lovely to catch up with friends and neighbours.
Saturday I was up and out onto the garden, perfect day weather wise.
Got lots of weeding and planting done.
. Then I tried to chop the top of my finger.
Nearly succeeded too. My old mower that I tow a trailer on needs to
be pulled started now. Well as the day goes on it gets harder to pull
So here I am pulling the #**#!! thing and I got my finger
caught on a bit of tin. Hurt to!!!!
Should have had stitches in it but couldn't be bothered to go to the doctors.
It's all right now, I have it all bandaged up I can use it.

Those chairs are still up on the table waiting for me,
so I had better go and get some house work done.
Have a blessed day all


  1. It does sound like a lovely way to start an important year of school. I'm afraid autumn isn't my favourite. It may be different if I lived in Qld. I haven't been there so unsure how the seasons go. Our week is set to get quite cool, but where I live usually it is a false alarm.

    Tin, sounds sore. I am the same about the doctors.

    The gardening sounds lovely, and it is so nice for you to have such belonging. I had that when I was little, and see it here in this town and surrounds.

  2. I love the new look on the blog! Can you get me in touch with your decorator? LOL


  3. Congratulations to Alanah - nice pic of Mr. B. too!! Hope she has a lovely final year.
    Am I the only one in shock at the new fee system? Did you know it was going up so much? It puts my son's fees at almost the same as my daughter at Glennie - figure that one!

  4. I love the Autumn colours too, it's my favourite time of year above anything else. The weather cools down and the leaves change to magnificent colours. Your corn looks so delicious too!

  5. I hope you've had a tetnus injection in the last ten years and that the cut heals up well.
    Lovely start to the year for Alannah-May and her friends.
    Remember you are in our prayers.

  6. Yes tetanus injection? I also love Autumn and soccer season has also begun, I secretly love it too.