Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Cooler Today.

What do you think of the new look????
I told you yesterday was hot, so I sat in front of the computer playing.
I love all the colours, I think it screams Autumn.
I had fun looking at all the backgrounds, and experimenting.
Out in the garden every thing was hot, I had the sprinklers going
trying to cool things down.
Underneath is one of my poor salvias all droopy, that's how hot it was.
I got alot of things done inside though, as it was
cooler inside.

It was lovely and cool in The Old Dairy. I have been having a go at
stippling and I am loving it.
This is my practice piece that I will turn into a cushion.
My Mother does beautiful patchwork and stippling so she has
been teaching me over the phone.
I want to practice before I do my quilt,O.K I'm finding excuses
to put it off.

Well being Tuesday it's Greg's chemo day.
He is doing so well he hasn't had any side effects from the chemo at all (the power of prayer)
He is also alot happier. It has been hard for him but he has
finally made his peace and came to turns with having cancer.
Thank you to all my dear friends that are praying for Greg and our family
I want you to know that not a moment goes by with out us knowing
the power of those prayers. One day I might do a post on all God is doing through this..
Thankfully it is alot cooler today,
so I'll be able to get outside.
Have a blessed day every-one..


  1. Your posts are always so wonderful Mandy.

    Your picture is lovely at the top. I was wondering how your husband is doing. So glad he has a chance to think and has done that without feeling unwell as well.

    It is raining here, not sure how cold it is. Apparently I got a police message on my mobile yesterday. Lots of people here got one relating to the fires. It was supposed to be a high fire danger day today.

    I love that kind of quilting. Didn't know what it was called or had forgotten. Lovely.

    The rose is beautiful. I felt happy yesterday coming onto a blog with the scripture including Fear Not. I have been trying to find the song on youtube or elsewhere.

  2. Hi there
    I ahven't had a chance to go back and look at the posts everyone ahs made over the last few days. But I love your facelift it looks great and as you say very "autumny". Glad Greg is doing well with the Chemo.


  3. It is very "Autumny" Mandy - a nice facelift.

    I cannot believe that you have that rose as the first picture of your post today. It is almost the same as mine!! We have a bit of rain here today, yay!


  4. Glad Greg is doing OK with the chemo. Hope your autumn days are cool and pleasant - we are just entering spring on this side of the planet!!
    bleggins and prayers x