Monday, March 23, 2009

The Party...

What a great Party!!!!!!!!
Well worth the 800 odd klms we did over the week-end.
Driving out was alot of fun as a few of us drove out together,
lots of car swapping and storytelling going on.
I ended up with the boys of the family a couple of nephews
that like to tease the big girls.
It certainly wasn't a quiet trip out...
But a whole lot of fun....

Greg and Jessica

We decorated with balloons. Blew up about 70 with helium and
floated them in the roof of the marque. We
also had them around the tables as well.

Balloons in roof

The tables were just simple with candles and
flowers on them. As you can see the colour theme was
purple,pink and silver.


There were about 8 tables.
Jess has a lovely big yard so there was plenty
of room to spread out.


How's this for a funky cake.
It was mud cake not real heavy and sickly either.
Love the colours and the way the21 sits in the top.


Every-one had a turn of wishing Jess well.
Also a few tales to embarrass her. Not to mention a certain Aunty
that had drunk a bit to much wine and REALLY embarrassed
Jessica....For once it wasn't me....
Her boss also spoke and you could tell that they love her
and really respect her, which is a blessing for me in knowing she
is being looked after out there.

Cutting the cake

It was along and tiring week-end, but they always seem
the best ones when you look back.
Eldest son and wife couldn't make it down for the week end. Well they either came for the week end or come down over Easter. Coming at Easter
makes more sense as we all get to spend more time together.

Some of the family

Beside Jessica is her boyfriend Lachlan.

I know there is alot of photos, but son and DIL and friends
read the blog so I know that they will enjoy them.

Well I'm going to get a cuppa and see what the
rest of you got up to on the week end.




  1. Love the New Blog first of all...So Glad the Party went well for You All..Everything looked Great..Thanks for sharing all your Lovely for a Rest I Cake.!!

  2. My first stop here! Love the cake and everyone looked so happy.
    Lots of love in your family!
    I'll be browsing a bit more....and I'll be back.

  3. Its Alanah Mum.
    Great blog!
    Love you lots.

  4. Hi there my daisyson21 was in ROma on the weekend too he is working on a property a few hours away and they hit the town for the night.

    Sent you an email....


  5. What a lovely family get together, the cake and decorations look great. What a proud mum you must be. Thanks for sharing your photo's, I love seeing other peoples families.

  6. Hello Mandy

    Love the decorations, cake and happy family pics. Parties are a lot of hard work but I bet everyone helped out. Lovely memories for you all.

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS - your hubby looks well.