Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is where I am going to be spending the next few days.
I need the rhythm of my life to slow down just a bit.
I love my house but some times living out of town can be a pain.
With all the running around we do lately with the driving to and from town
Greg and I have found our selves looking at houses in town.
Needles to say the children are all spinning out about the thought
of moving to town.
My question is......can I still have my chooks and vege garden and live
a simpler life in town?
Any one want to swap houses?LOL
Better go and enjoy my sewing room before it's time to get the car and
go up to town........Sewing room I don't think I could leave my
Old Dairy I waited 20 years for that place.
May be driving up and down the range isn't so bad........
Blessings to all


  1. I'll swap ya! Lol, Ipswich isn't so bad! Closer to Chemo. No just kidding, it will be sad if you have leave your home.


  2. It is a very busy age for the kids to be. If I end up moving out of town my daughter has very late classes for dance etc. For a country place it is weird they do that. In my hometown I thought they had most children's things at sensible times.

    I left the farm at 14, a big adjustment for me. I find those kind of adjustments hard, even moving across town was hard as I had stayed in our first married home 16 years. I look at the fire affected people or those that it seemed like they were saying nearly at one stage they wanted to defend their homes, possibly because they were scared of living somewhere else. Some want to stay there. Anyway you probably get the idea.

    I think your stability is something I think I would have liked. Anyway, I'm rambling too.

    Chooks and gardens in town, yes, our first house had those.

    Enjoy your sewing. I am the same I like to read or something like that.